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Health benefits of legumes

Legumes are a podlike seed or fruit of a plant. They are primarily cooked before consumption, but some varieties are easy to consume raw or sprouted. Vegans and vegetarians use legumes as an essential source of protein to avoid consuming meat products.

Legumes are a low-fat source of protein, making it especially popular for anyone trying to lose weight. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, legumes are low in calories but full of fiber to help dieters feel full. Legumes are often high in vitamin C, A and B in addition to having iron and calcium.

Many ways to use legumes

Most legumes are highly versatile for recipes such as stews, soups, dips, bean salads, or side dishes. Depending on the type of legume, it is served raw in a salad or hot in recipes such as lentil soup. Some varieties of legumes are roasted or pureed to use in certain types of recipes.

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