Mixed Beans

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Buy Food to Live delicious mixed beans ready for sprouting at bargain prices. A cocktail of health benefits and flavors in a single package.

Tasty Mixed Beans for Sprouting

Mixed beans of all kinds, and legumes in general, are great for your health. They make one of the best sources of nutrition because they contain large amounts of proteins, minerals, and some vitamins. Beans have been cultivated for over 9000 years all over the world, and each nation had its own preferred type of legumes. Bean mixes from Food to Live allow you to get the best from everyone as they include a variety of legumes that can benefit your health in many ways.

Reasons to Buy Mixed Beans Online

  • It’s cost efficient. Of course, you can buy a variety of legumes and mix them to your liking, but this will cost much more than buying a ready-made mix. When choosing the combination of beans, we consider their taste and cooking requirements to create combinations that go together best of all.
  • You get many times more health benefits. Every legume has properties that make it exceptionally good for your health. For example, adzuki beans enhance digestive health and help detoxify your body due to their unique compound mineral, molybdenum. Green peas contain large amounts of vitamins A, C, and K, and lentils provide you with folate and potassium, which are essential for muscle and heart health. When you buy bean mixes from Food to Live, you get all these benefits in a single pack, and many more depending on the other lentils included in the mix.

Why Sprout Beans

Food to Live mixed beans is ready for sprouting. Therefore, you can enhance both their flavor and healing powers in a few easy steps. Sprouting beans is always a good choice because this way, you enable every small lentil to disclose its full nutritional potential. There are quite a few reasons that explain why you should sprout beans. The most important of them are:
  • Sprouting removes dangerous chemicals. Nature itself protects beans from being eaten by animals so that the seeds can grow into a new crop, this is why the vast majority of beans are toxic while raw. We soak legumes before cooking in order to remove the traces of phyto-poisons, and sprouting does the same thing, making even the most toxic beans harmless.
  • The content of nutrients increases. Vitamins and minerals are present in beans in a rather concentrated form. They are there to provide the plant with the elements necessary for its growth. Therefore, to get the most nutrients out of any bean, you need to trick it into believing that it has started the process of growth, so that the plant will disclose its hidden arsenal of nutrients.
  • Beans become easier to digest. The dietary fiber from legumes is good for your digestive health, but only if they have been cooked properly. Otherwise, beans are rather hard to digest. Sprouting allows you to add crunchy delicious legumes to salads and other dishes as it has the same effect as cooking. In fact, sprouted beans are easier for your digestive system to process than even cooked ones.