Clover Seeds

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Adding clover sprouts to your meals will make you a healthier person. Buy our top quality clover seeds today and get fresh sprouts fast.

Amazing Clover Seeds for Sprouting

Clover seeds are hailed as a great natural aid for women’s health, although men can also benefit from eating them on a regular basis. When sprouted, these seeds become an excellent source of numerous nutrients. Some of them are exceptionally beneficial for your health as they help fight and prevent cancer.

Clover Seeds and Cancer Treatment

These seeds contain isoflavones and other phytochemicals that have been studied due to their effects on the human body. Over the course of this research, scientists managed to discover an effect of these phytochemicals that makes them an efficient tool in the fight against cancer. It turns out that these chemicals can hinder the formation of blood vessels in cancer tumors. Therefore, they help slow down the tumor’s growth. This effect is mild and researchers are still looking for ways to enhance it in order to create an effective cure for this dreadful disease. However, even the little help offered by sprouted clover seeds can make a difference and enhance the efficiency of cancer therapy. Note that isoflavones act differently depending on the type of cancer. Their benefits are most potent in the fight against breast and prostate cancers as they also reduce the production of enzymes that make these tumors grow.

Clover Seeds and Women’s Health

The beneficial effects of clover seeds and sprouts for women also come from a type of phytochemicals contained in this extraordinary food. These elements emulate human estrogen, so they can effectively restore the balance of this hormone in a woman’s body and help maintain it. As estrogen fluctuations are responsible for the unpleasant and often painful symptoms of PMS and menopause, women can benefit greatly from adding a few sprouts to their salads and sandwiches. These sprouts also promote the health of the circulatory system, further enhancing their positive effect on women’s health.

Culinary Uses of Clover Seeds

The seeds themselves have very few uses, but when sprouted, they turn into a versatile ingredient that can enhance the taste of many dishes. In the vast majority of cases, they are used in salads and sandwiches as they are fresh and pleasantly crunchy. You can have sprouts all year round, so you can always have a few pleasant greens on your plate. You can also sprinkle sprouts over various cooked foods or serve them as a side dish. The trick is not to cook them as high temperatures destroy some of the best nutrients contained in the tiny plant. Food to Live clover seeds are of the highest quality and have a high germination rate, so they will provide you with a great crop of fresh and delicious sprouts whenever you need them.