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At Food to Live, we’ve learned that good food equals good living, in terms of physical as well as mental health. Our company is also our family, and we’ve built a strong reputation of high quality food and service. Committed to a healthy, nutritious way of eating, our parents Andrew and Stefanie, along with son Alexander and his wife, professional chef Svitlana, started Food to Live in the kitchen of our home to meet the growing interest in delicious power foods for healthy diets. Alexander and Svitlana’s children, Katie and Robert, are now part of this growing, dedicated team.

We, the Food to Live crew, have one goal, and it’s to make our customers healthier. This is why the foods that we offer are of the highest quality and each of them offers a few major health benefits.

At our online store, you can buy snacks and other foods that are both delicious and healthy. Replacing junk food, which contains large amounts of sugar and potentially harmful chemicals, in your diet with our nuts and dried fruits will have a noticeable positive effect your overall wellbeing. The seeds and legumes will provide you with a great number of nutrients and give you an opportunity to try out some interesting exotic recipes.

At Food to Live, we believe that food is more than a source of nutrition: it’s the key to your health. Every product that we offer reduces the chance of developing many dangerous diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, digestive disorders, etc. Some of the organic foods we carry can assist with the treatment of various health conditions.

It might be difficult to give up on all the unhealthy foods that make up the common American diet. We understand this and try to make the transition to healthy eating easier for you by offering the most delicious of the “good” foods. Start with replacing sweets in your diet as they are most dangerous because of the detrimental effects of sugar. Once you start eating dried berries, almonds, and cashews instead of candy, you’ll never want to go back to those fatty and artificial-tasting treats. We also offer a wide selection of natural spices so you can turn even a simple dish into an exquisite culinary masterpiece.

All the organic products that you can find in our store are certified so you can be 100% sure of their quality. We also guarantee that you will receive top-notch customer service and prompt delivery when dealing with the Food to Live team.


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