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Pearl barley is a grain that people around the world enjoy. It’s widely recognized as a healthy food, because it contains nutrients such as niacin, vitamin B and thiamine. Whole barley grains are processed with grinding machines to remove the outer bran and hull to make pearl barley, helping to make this food easier to cook and consume. Pearl barley is tasty and filling, and also provides protein and fiber, making it a powerhouse of nutrition for children and adults. Not only nutritious but also versatile, pearl barley can be ground into a flour to make delicious baked goods such as bread or biscuits.

Great for Breakfast or Dinner

To make a hot breakfast or porridge, you can boil pearl barley with ingredients such as fruit, cinnamon or nuts for additional flavor. But this grain is also great to use in recipes meant for lunch and dinner, including the side dish orzotto -- an Italian dish that’s similar to risotto, but made with pearl barley instead of rice -- or as a satisfying addition to main dishes such as soups or stews.

Pearl Barley’s Vital Nutrients

Barley is a year-round crop in many parts of the world, but pearl barley is sometimes difficult to find in local grocery stores. But pearl barley is worth a try: Because of its high quantities of several types of amino acids, this grain is helpful for regulating blood sugar levels. And due to its high percentage of iron, this nutritious and tasty grain can help vegetarians avoid anemia. It’s easy to have a supply of this delicious grain available so you can enjoy its health properties as well as having an easy ingredient to use for side dishes. Simply order pearl barley from our website and have it shipped directly to your home!