Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds enhance the flavor of your dishes and improve your health. Buy our top quality sesame seeds to change your diet for the better.

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Sesame seeds came to us from the hot plains of Asia and Africa, but their numerous health benefits as well as delicious nutty flavor quickly won the hearts of food lovers all over the world. Today, they are used in a wide range of dishes in all major cuisines. You can also enjoy experimenting with this ingredient by adding it to your special family recipes to enhance the taste, add a bit of lovely crunchiness, and make the foods much healthier.

It doesn’t matter whether you eat the seeds raw or toasted, sprinkle them over your oatmeal or add them to a risotto, the benefits they offer your health will remain the same.

  • Sesame seeds help children grow healthy.
    They contain large amounts of proteins, necessary for the growth and development of the body. So adding a bit of the seeds into your children’s meals will help their bodies develop properly.
  • They contain unique antioxidants.
    All seeds have some antioxidants in them, which is one of the major reasons that makes them such a good food choice. However, the elements contained in sesame seeds (sesamol and sesaminol) are exceptionally potent. Therefore, they are more efficient in reducing the damage from free radicals and slowing down the process of natural aging. In fact, they are so good in the latter that oil from these seeds was used in many cosmetic treatments in the ancient times. Even today, it’s added to some luxury anti-aging creams.
  • The seeds are exceptionally rich in B vitamins.
    The importance of B vitamins for your health cannot be underestimated. They play an essential part in the health of your nervous system, regulating the brain activity and enhancing the transmittance of nervous impulses. Maintaining a healthy level of B vitamins reduces the risk and helps with the treatment of anxiety disorders and neuroses. In addition, one of these vitamins (folic acid), prevents the development of neurological birth defects. As sesame seeds are 100% safe for everyone who doesn’t suffer from an allergy to this specific food, it’s imperative to eat them regularly during pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds Storage Tips

Buy our sesame seeds in bulk to save some money and ensure you always have this magnificent ingredient on hand when your culinary inspiration strikes. Seeds from Food to Live come in a sealed bag equipped with a Ziplock that allows you to keep them fresh for many months.

Close the bag securely after every use and store the seeds in a cool dark place or inside your refrigerator. This way, they will remain fresh for many months to come.