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Pecans are used in many ways in many recipes, and they’re also a delicious and nutritious snack. Whether you are making a delicious pecan pie or simply munching on the raw nuts while watching a movie, you can feel good about choosing pecans: They are a vegan, all natural snack, just the kind of thing you should put into your body. These nuts can be snack foods that are full of nutrients while also having a rich, delicious, and buttery flavor.

Health benefits of pecans

Pecans are nuts that are full of antioxidants, potassium, protein, ellagic acid, and vitamin B complexes. They are heart healthy and can help reduce the risk of heart disease because of their amounts of oleic acid and phenolic antioxidants. Pecans are also high in magnesium which is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps reduce blood pressure. That makes pecans beneficial for inflammation-based diseases such as arthritis and Alzheimer's disease. Being rich in fiber, pecans are beneficial to the digestive system. They also promote colon health, and can help promote weight loss.

How to enjoy pecans from Food to Live

These nuts can be eaten raw, baked, roasted, salted, and even candied. They are bite-sized and it's easy to grab a handful, even on the go. Food to Live offers both organic and conventional pecans that are raw, unshelled and unsalted - so you can use them in many different ways. Make the healthy choice and choose delicious raw pecans from Food to Live over processed or fried snack options!