Alfalfa Seeds

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If you’ve ever had alfalfa sprouts in a salad, sandwich or wrap, you know that they add flavor, texture and nutrition. But did you know how easy it is to sprout your own alfalfa sprouts? You can, with sproutable alfalfa seeds from Food to Live!

Health benefits of alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are sprouted alfalfa seeds that are harvested while they are still young and chock full of healthy and valuable nutrients like calcium, vitamin K and vitamin C. Alfalfa sprouts have no fat and very few calories, while still delivering a lot of nutrients in a crisp and delicious little package. The nutrients that a young plant uses to protect itself during the first few days of its growth can also help to purify and protect your body while providing a lot of essential vitamins and minerals.

How to sprout your alfalfa seeds

Growing your own alfalfa sprouts from organic alfalfa seeds can be done at home without any soil or special equipment, and only takes a few days. You can find a video tutorial on a similar sprouting process if you search Youtube for “Sprouting Broccoli in an Easy Sprout Sprouter,” but to grow your own sprouts at home all you need is alfalfa sprouts, cheesecloth and a clean mason jar. The basic sprouting process is as follows:
  • Put two tablespoons of the seeds in the mason jar and cover them with a few inches of cold water, then secure some cheesecloth over the top.
  • Leave the seeds in the water overnight to activate them, and drain them in the morning.
  • Every morning and evening after that, pour a few inches of cool fresh water into the jar, swish it around, and then drain it.
  • Within five or six days you should have a tangle of while growing alfalfa sprouts. When the sprouts start to turn green at the tips they are starting to develop their full nutritional potential and are ready to enjoy.
  • To use the sprouts, just rinse them, dry them and add them to your favorite recipe.
Food to Live offers alfalfa seeds, organic alfalfa seeds, and clover seeds. They are great in salads, soups, wraps and sprout loaves. Use your imagination and enjoy! It’s easy when you order your alfalfa seeds in bulk from Food to Live.