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Why Buy Non-GMO Foods: Basic Fasts about GMOs

Even healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, may not be good for you if they aren’t non-GMO. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, which means that they have been manipulated on the cellular level and are NOT natural. These altered products carry great risks to your health and must be avoided at all costs.

Why Buy Non-GMO Foods?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding genetically modified products, so it might be hard to understand what exactly makes them harmful. Quite often, you can see claims that they are perfectly safe for your health. However, if this was true, why are there restrictions and even bans on the production and sale of GMOs in all the leading countries of the world?

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Science in 2009 stated that the effects of consuming GMOs for a mammal’s health may include weight gain and organ failure. According to the researchers, the negative effects of altered foods are concentrated in the kidneys and liver, vital organs that are directly responsible for detoxifying our bodies.

If you are still wondering why you should buy non-GMO products, take a look at the results of other studies that determined the potential dangers of GMOs:

  • The appearance of tumors.
    A study conducted on rats fed GM corn NK603 and tiny parts of Roundup herbicide used to grow it indicates that after a two year period, the animals developed severe organ damage and the rate of tumor appearance in them was increased greatly.
  • Stomach inflammation.
    Pigs fed GM corn and soy over develop more cases of stomach inflammation than those fed non-GMO products. Other studies indicate that mice fed GMOs often develop abnormalities in their intestines.

Some of the researchers also discovered negative effects of GMOs on male fertility rates and blood biochemistry, in general, but these problems require further study.

Risks to your health aren’t the only bad thing associated with GMOs. They also harm the environment as they require the use of large amounts of pesticides that poison the soil and ground waters. They also contribute to the mutation of weeds, creating “superweeds” resistant to anything but most toxic herbicides.

Buy Food to Live Non-GMO Foods to Stay Healthy

Considering all the aforementioned facts, it becomes obvious that GMOs are extremely dangerous to both your health and the planet as a whole. You can stay healthy and keep your family safe by purchasing premium quality foods from Food to Live. We work only with licensed non-GMO farmers from different countries to provide you with the healthiest delicious nuts, grains, seeds, legumes, spices, and fruits.

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