Food to Live offers a variety of great vegan foods and tips for easy transitioning to this cruelty-free lifestyle.

What is a Vegan Diet and Why Should You Go for It?

Veganism is different from vegetarianism because it advocates abstaining from the use of all animal products, both in your diet and life in general. The number of vegans has been growing recently as these ideas are actively advocated by different celebrities, including Bill Clinton, Natalie Portman, Mike Tyson, Usher, Alicia Silverstone, and a great number of others. A vegan diet is good for your health and embracing this lifestyle can help make our planet a better place.

Reasons to Go Vegan

Should you follow the trend that has already turned mainstream? To answer this question, you’ll need to consider all the pros and cons of becoming a vegan.

The reasons to embrace this lifestyle are:

  • To save the animals.
    This is the key reason for the vast majority of people who decided to follow the principles of this practice. Avoiding all kinds of animal products shows that you stand against animal cruelty and exploitation.
  • To become healthier.
    There is no scientific evidence to prove that a vegan diet is healthier than a well-balanced non-vegan diet. However, the overwhelming majority of people who switched to this way of life claim that their health has improved dramatically. This may be caused by the fact that this diet consists completely of nutritious and healthy foods, such as seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. These products are packed with antioxidants, so aside from making you healthier, they also help maintain your youthful appearance.
  • To help the planet.
    Veganism is a way of life that goes well beyond your diet. It includes recycling your household rubbish, using recycled products and “green” energy sources. All in all, a true vegan is a person who aims to reduce his or her carbon footprint in every way possible and helps animals at the same time.

Those who stand against this diet claim that it’s dangerous for your health as it lacks several essential nutrients. This is nothing but a myth, especially today, when you can make up for any nutrient deficiency in your diet by taking specialized vegan supplements.

Tips for Going Vegan

Switching to this diet might be hard, but the following tips will make this transition less stressful:

  • Experiment with new foods.
    Try a variety of vegan-friendly foods from Food to Live. They can be used in numerous delicious recipes.
  • Go at your own pace.
    Don’t try to drop all animal products in one day. These changes should be gradual.
  • Remember why you’re doing it.
    Read informative articles to get a boost of motivation.

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