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Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

It is hard to imagine surviving scorching heat without a drink with whole lotta ice in it. In America, even tap water at restaurants is served iced. Nevertheless, this one-ingredient product does not always have to be basic. With that in mind, in this blog we will explore various ways on how you can improve the taste of the ice you make at home, because not only can ice cubes be made super flavorful, but they can also contain an impressive nutritional value.

Adding ice cubes to your favorite cocktails serves two purposes: cooling and decorating, however, you also want it to taste good, don’t you? This brings us to the main ingredient of ice – water. When making your own ice we recommend bottled or filtered water because once frozen, it does not present with cloudy sediment which can sometimes even spoil your cubes. Bear in mind that keeping ice cube trays in the same compartment as meat, fish, and certain veggies, can give your ice cubes an unpleasant scent and taste.


Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas

Flavored Ice Cubes

To make your ice tasty and nutritious you can mix water with ingredients like powders, chocolate, fruit, edible flowers, and more. As a result, you will find their aroma and taste to be incredible, giving you two drinks in one!

If you want to drink more water and get more fruit & veggies in, you will find the following ice cubes ideas quite useful. With that in mind, let’s explore some flavored ice cube recipes – fruit-flavored ice cubes in particular:


Fruit & Berry Ice Cubes

Used to cool smoothies, water, and juices

  1. Cut pieces of kiwi, citrus, peach, melon, mango, raspberries, strawberries, mulberries, currants, cherries (pitted), and blueberries, and blend well.
  2. Add filtered water to make blending easier if needed.
  3. Pour the mixture into each compartment of the ice cube tray.
  4. Put the tray into a freezer for at least 3 hours.

Lemon and Lime Ice Cubes

Help to keep your body hydrated

  1. Chop lemon, lime and mint leaves.
  2. Place into each compartment of ice cube tray.
  3. Fill with water, and freeze until solid.

Fruit & Herb Ice Cubes

Use any of your favorite fruit and herbs: orange, berries, mint, thyme, tarragon, lavender, or rosemary.

  1. Cut fruit and herbs and put them in your ice cube tray. 
  2. Fill with filtered water. 
  3. Freeze for 6 hours.

Wheatgrass Ice Cubes

Convenient wheatgrass juice in just a few simple steps!

  1. You will need 2oz of wheatgrass juice.
  2. Pour about 1/4th of the wheatgrass juice shot into each ice cube slot.
  3. Place into the freezer until wheatgrass ice cubes are completely frozen.

Matcha Ice Cubes

Enjoy wonderful notes of matcha as you sip on your beverage

All you need is two ingredients: water (10oz) and matcha powder (3 tsp).

  1. Mix matcha powder with water.
  2. Pour the mixture into your ice tray.
  3. Freeze until solid.

Coconut Milk Ice Cubes

Enjoy dairy-free iced coffee or yummy iced mocha

  1. Whisk a can of full-fat coconut milk until smooth.
  2. Pour it into an ice cube tray.
  3. Freeze for at least 3 hours. [2]

To make dark chocolate ice cubes, combine coconut milk with raw cacao powder in a large bowl over medium heat. Mix until the cacao powder is dissolved, then pour into an ice cube tray and freeze for at least 3 hours. [2]


Coffee Ice Cubes

Super refreshing drink

  1. Add 2 tbsp of instant coffee and pour 100 ml of boiling water. You can replace instant coffee with freshly brewed espresso.
  2. Mix until dissolved.
  3. Top with 300ml of cold water.
  4. Add sweetener (sugar syrup would be a great choice).
  5. Pour into ice trays. Let freeze overnight.
  6. Top frozen coffee cubes with milk and enjoy.

Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cubes

The refreshing ice-cold version of hot chocolate


  1. Whisk chocolate, milk, cocoa, and sugar together over medium heat until chocolate is melted, and sugar is dissolved (about 5 minutes). Let cool to room temperature. [3]
  2. Pour the chocolate mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze for a few hours (until frozen).

Rainbow Ice Cubes

As you can see, Food to Live offers a variety of different powders, so you can easily make fruit-flavored ice cubes using your favorites. For example, we can combine Organic Raspberry Powder, Organic Golden berry Powder, and Organic Acai Berry Powder. Mix each powder with water and distribute evenly into ice cube trays. Freeze overnight. Add it to your favorite smoothie, water, or cocktail, and enjoy a wonderful drink with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


Flavored Ice Cubes Ideas


  1. What tools do I need to make flavored ice cubes?
    You can use reusable freezer bags, silicon ice cube trays of different shapes and sizes, or even cocktail glasses.
  2. How long does it take to freeze ice cubes in general?
    Freezing overnight is the best.
  3. How do I store flavored ice cubes?
    You may transfer the cubes to a glass container or a clean paper bag. Keep it closed and store it in the freezer. They shouldn’t stick together.


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