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Medjool Dates vs Noor Deglet Dates

Medjool Dates vs Noor Deglet Dates

Dates are a healthy snack and a great lunch. This dried fruit is high in vitamins A, B and C, and also contains record levels of magnesium, copper, iron and zinc, which has a positive effect on human health. Moreover, dates are known to improve immune system and endurance. If you are wondering which type is best for you, let’s figure it out right away!

The origin of medjool dates is Marocco. It is currently cultivated in Israel (the country where Food To Live dates are sourced from), and in California. Large in size, dense, dark brown, with a thin skin, caramel flavor, soft and sweet – these are the epithets most closely characterizing medjool dates.

Noor deglet dates come from Algeria. These dates are honey-colored, elongated, translucent, medium-sized (5-6 cm), semi-soft, sugary, slightly crunchy, with a unique taste and nutty aftertaste.

The main difference between these two types of dates is their culinary usage. Medjool dates are mostly known for their sweetness, therefore, this dried fruit is the choice number one among the bakers. Medjool dates are seen as a natural sugar substitute and are used to make a variety of date-incorporated condiments such as sweeteners and syrups. [1] On the contrary, noor deglet dates are less sweet and mostly used in whole dishes. The taste of deglet dates is nutty like.

Generally, dates help strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase the body’s immune system, and normalize the acid-base balance. The nutritional facts of both differ but not significantly. In fact, medjool dates have a higher content of fructose and a practically null content of sucrose, whereas noor deglet dates have a relatively similar content of glucose, fructose and sucrose. [1]

Even though medjool dates are sweeter, they have lower caloric content unlike deglet noor dates. Thus, 100g of the former equals 277 calories, the latter – 282 carolies. [2]

Health benefits of both medjool and noor deglet dates are invaluable:

  • Eliminate anemia
  • Stimulate the heart functioning
  • Have anti-stress effect
  • Improve skin and hair
  • Remove the excess cholesterol from the body
  • The content of vitamin B dates promotes the normal functioning and development of the muscular system
  • The content of vitamin A supports and improves vision at night
  • Increase appetite
* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Medjool Dates vs Noor Deglet Dates

Dates for women

Dates are a useful companion for an active girl or woman with a heavy schedule. It’s a great snack and sandwich substitute which gives energy and does not affect your weight. During monthly periods, dates relieve irritability, fatigue, headaches and abdominal cramps. In addition, dates slow down the aging process, tightening skin and strengthening nails.

Dates for men

The trace elements found in dates strengthen the nervous system increasing resistance to stress, nervousness, and depression. Moreover, the daily consumption of dates has a positive effect on libido and potency.


If you are allergic, do NOT eat dates.

The overconsumption can cause tooth decay.

DON’T eat dates with citrus; as it may cause upset your stomach.

Diabetics need to be especially careful with dates. The reason is the high sugar content. The average daily intake of dates should be prescribed by a doctor.

Storage tips

Use a glass jar or plastic container to store the dates. The best way is to keep this fruit in a cool, dry and dark place. Dates can be stored in the freezer for a few years without losing their flavor.

We do NOT recommend storing the dates the following way:

  • Outdoors under the sunlight (in this case they may become as hard as a rock)
  • In hot conditions
  • Without package

Medjoool dates vs Noor deglet dates nutrition value [3]

Medjoool dates vs Noor deglet dates nutrition value

Add dates to your shopping list but choose the good ones

If you see the dates dried to the point that they’re hard to the touch, DON’T purchase them. Good dates should look and feel distinct from one another, rather than squished into a mushy date puck. [4]

Sugar crystallization is another thing you might be thinking about when choosing your product. You can absolutely still eat dates that have begun to sugar (they’ll be firmer than the day you brought them home, but still delicious), but you shouldn’t buy dates that are already at that stage. [4] This is actually the beginning of the aging process.


Medjool Dates vs Noor Deglet Dates

Easy recipe ideas

bbc.co.uk reports that dates can be added to cakes, biscuits and desserts when you chop them up. They’re delicious served with cheese or as an after dinner treat, stuffed with a whole almond and rolled in icing sugar. North African cuisine makes varied use of dates, notably in tagines and sweet couscous dishes. [5]

Chocolate-mint energy bites

All you need is:

  • 1/2 cup of old-fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cups medjool date
  • 1/2 cup almond butter
  • 1 cup 70% cacao dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract [6]

Firstly, remove the pits. Then add all the ingredients to a blender. That’s it!

Salad with baked vegetables and dates


  • 2 pieces of eggplant
  • 2 pieces of pepper
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 5 pieces of dates
  • 4 pieces of fresh cilantro
  • parsley
  • fresh dill
  • hot pepper
  • liquid honey
  • salt (to taste)
  • 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar
  • 5 tbsp. of olive oil


  1. Wash the peppers and eggplants, chopping them with a fork and bake in the oven for 30–40 minutes at a temperature of 190–200 ° C.
  2. Cut he onion and pickle in apple cider vinegar and honey.
  3. Skin the eggplants and peppers.
  4. Make a cross-shaped incision on the tomatoes and pour boiling water for half a minute. Then remove the skin and cut.
  5. Add the rest ingredients.


Fresh compote with dates and apples

All you need is:

  • 100 g of dates
  • 4 pcs. of apples
  • 1.5 l of water
  • 1 pinch of ground cinnamon

Pour dates with warm water and let them lie down for a while, then rinse a little and remove the pits. Add dates to the saucepan with the apples. Boil the compote for 20 minutes, then add a good pinch of ground cinnamon.

Bon appetite!

Now having more distinct understanding of a wonderful dried fruit – dates, let’s summarize the main attributes of medjool dates and noor deglet dates.

Medjool dates

Noor deglet dates


Sweet like honey

Less sweet, resembles the taste of nuts





Lighter and bigger in size

Smaller and darker

Nutrition value

Higher in natural sugars

Lower content of fructose and sucrose

Calorie content

277cal per 100g

282cal per 100g


Baked goods, wine, syrups, smoothies

Cakes, cookies, salads


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