August 11, 2018 · Written by Foodtolive Team

A Guide to Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Medjool Dates

We all want to satisfy our sweet cravings from time to time without the guilt feeling of doing it in an unhealthy way. There are abundant nutritious fruits that we can eat without burdening ourselves with undesirable consequences that are detrimental to our health. One fruit that promises a full package of vitamins and minerals with awesome health benefits is Medjool dates. This sweet fruit is a natural sweetener that is a great alternative to sugar. Not only that it tastes delicious but is good for fuelling one’s energy and can satisfy your sugar cravings naturally. So, it is worth to say that adding Madjool in your diet can be advantageous for your health. But how exactly are nutritious Medjool dates are? And what are the amazing benefits you can get from it? Read on and know the real deal on how great this fruit is.


What are Medjool dates

What are Medjool dates?

Medjool dates are cultivated for thousands of years for its rich and sweet flavor. They are a kind of fruit from date palm trees grown in hot dry climate. They are one of the varieties of dates that are commercially produced and are globally available. Although the trees are a native of the region Iraq and ancient Persia, it is now widely cultivated in Spain, North Africa, Mexico and the United States.

Organic Medjool has a deep brown skin color. It is longer, softer and sweeter. It is usually dry in appearance from the outside and if you hold it in your hand it gives a wrinkled texture but this does not diminish its good quality because when eaten it is actually moist, meaty and satisfying. You will enjoy its caramel like taste with a soft and chewy texture. You can consume it either fresh or dried but it is commonly available in the dried form to extend its lifespan and retain most of its nutritional value.


Nutritional Value

Nutritional Value

It is also good to know what the nutrients that Medjool dates contain when making it as your kitchen staple. If you are cutting down your fat intake Medjool dates will be a welcome dessert for you because it is fat-free and a good alternative to the familiar high-fat dessert that we used to eat. There is also a lot of energy packed in these small servings of Medjool dates. Each serving has 66 calories and 15 grams sugar and those carbs come in low glycemic kind which releases glucose slowly and smoother in our bloodstream. It is a source of high fiber that aids in proper digestion. It also contains a good amount of essential minerals such as potassium, manganese, and copper that comprise 8-10% of the daily value. It also comprises 6% daily value of Vitamins B6, and 4% daily value of niacin and pantothenic. These nutrients play important role in the nervous and digestive system, blood cell production, growth, and development.


Health Benefits

Health Benefits

1. It prevents muscle cramps

If you are into sports or a regular gym enthusiast, the potassium that Medjool dates contain can help your muscle in top shape. Potassium provides electrolytes that can be depleted during exercises. One serving of Medjool dates gives out 47 mg of potassium than a single drink of Gatorade.

2. Natural energy booster

Need a healthy snack? Medjool dates are high in sugar but these sugars are sucralose, fructose, and glucose that our body can easily process and utilized giving us a natural boost in energy. The Medjool date can be your pick me up snack that is better than coffee if you are feeling tired, lethargic and sluggish.

3. Relieves and prevents constipation

Having trouble being regular? The high level of soluble fiber content of Medjool dates is a helpful way to keep a regular bowel movement and relief from constipation. A typical adult require to consume 25-30 grams of fiber to prevent having constipation which most people can’t consume regularly but with a couple of Medjool dates that you munch it will help add up in the bulk of stool that will pass through faster in the intestines and out of your body smoothly and with less effort.

4. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Medjool dates are a good choice when it comes to lowering down bad cholesterol levels or LDL. As we know, LDL contributes to heart attacks, strokes and heart diseases that create a plaque that clogs up the artery walls that narrows and blocks blood to circulate in the heart, brain and other organs. Eating Medjool dates regularly can increase your intake of insoluble and soluble fiber resulting in lowering of the cholesterol naturally.

5. Good for health bone

To keep a good track on your bone health you must need calcium and phosphorous to keep it from pain and debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis. Having Madjool on your diet can ease out such diseases because of its significant amount of calcium and phosphorous. These two minerals are important in building up strong bones and teeth. Calcium is the foundation of healthy bones and teeth. Our bones and teeth are the storehouses of this mineral so without it, our body will be in a state of fragility. It helps our muscles to perform well with ease and saving us from heart disorder and blood pressure irregularities. Phosphorous is also an essential mineral primary used for growth and repair of body cells and tissues which 85% is present in our bones and teeth as well. Therefore, calcium and phosphorous provides strength and structure for the body.

Medjool dates don’t need to be refrigerated and can withstand well to travel that is why it is perfect for on the go snack. Dried Medjool dates are very dense when it comes to calories as compared to the fresh ones because a large amount of water has been removed and because of its high sugar content, it is advisable to be mindful of your portion size as there are tendencies to overeat this irresistible sweet fruit. Generally, Medjool dates are regarded to be very good in overall health when consumed in moderation.