June 21, 2019 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Refreshing Iced Maca Coffee

Cool off and energize your day with a glass of Refreshing Iced Maca Coffee! It’s a delightful blend of iced coffee with the invigorating touch of maca, making it a perfect choice for a refreshing pick-me-up. Enjoy the rich flavors and natural energy boost that this chilled coffee brings to your day.

Prep Time: 5 min | Cook Time: 5 min (+15 min cooling) | Total Time: 10 min | Servings: 1 glass

Iced Maca Latte


Iced Maca Latte recipe


  1. In a metal Turkish coffee pot (Cezve), combine ground coffee, maca powder, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and water.
  2. Give it a quick stir with a small spoon until everything is just mixed.
  3. Put the pot on the stovetop.
  4. Over medium heat, slowly bring the coffee mixture to a gentle boil. This usually takes about 3-4 min, so keep an eye on it.
  5. Allow it to cool.
  6. Add vanilla extract, coconut milk, and ice to the coffee.
  7. Give it a good stir with a long spoon, and it’s ready to enjoy right away.

This recipe inspired by The Wheatless Kitchen

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