September 01

Raw Food Detox Diet: What to Eat and How It Works

There are so many toxins around us that it’s impossible to prevent them from getting inside your body. Food, water, and even air itself is filled with the nasty chemicals. Despite the fact that only tiny amounts of them get into your bloodstream, they can deal serious damage to your body because they accumulate with time. The best way to prevent this is to do a detox that will flush the dangerous chemicals from your body.

There are several detoxification programs you can use. Some of them involve taking supplements and even specific types of medications. However, if you want to do this the 100% natural way, we suggest a raw food detox diet. Eating large amounts of fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and other foods will give you a boost of enzymes, which your body uses to break down toxins.

Why a Raw Food Detox Diet?

The answer to this question is simple. The enzymes that make fresh foods effective detoxifiers are destroyed by the process of cooking. Only a small amount of them survives, so if you want to have a really efficient detox, you should go raw.

Note that raw foods can be “cooked” as well. You can blend, juice, sprout, soak, or ferment them. Some light steaming is also acceptable under the rules of this diet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that you will get sick of eating nothing but salads.

Take a look at a typical menu for a raw detox day:

  • Breakfast.
    Start your day with fruits or a slice of grain toast with a bit of avocado and celery. This meal is light, but it will provide you with enough energy to last till lunch.
  • Lunch.
    Eat a salad with whatever raw fruits and vegetables you wish. You can add some sprouts to the salad as well. This will not only enhance the taste but increase its nutritional value as well.
  • Snack.
    A few nuts and dried fruits or a raw carrot will make a perfect pre-dinner snack that will keep you going before the big meal of the day.
  • Dinner.
    A raw food detox dinner is light. It should consist of some salad, preferably with either soaked or sprouted beans, and lightly steamed vegetables. There are plenty of raw food detox recipes available online, so you should look them up to find some interesting dishes to make.

Even if switching to a raw food diet full-time isn’t for you, a few days of this detox should improve your overall well-being and make you feel lighter. Note that one of the biggest challenges of this diet is finding high-quality raw foods. We can help you with this as you can buy premium quality nuts, seeds, legumes, and other healthy foods at our store.

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