October 11, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

6 Original and Tasty Guar Gum Powder Uses for Vegans

There is about a dozen of traditional guar gum powder uses in the food industry. They range from making gluten-free pastries to ice cream. If you get a bit creative in your kitchen, you’ll be able to increase that number. Vegans, in particular, benefit from using organic guar gum powder. This substance allows to make up for many culinary shortfalls caused by the exclusion of animal products.

Culinary Guar Gum Powder Uses to Try at Home:

1. Sauces and Salad Dressings

Guar gum powder doesn’t have much of a taste, but it’s one of the most potent natural thickeners out there. In fact, this ability is the reason why guar gum is used by a variety of industries, including being a waterproofing agent in construction. Adding a tiny bit of the powder to your sauce will help you achieve smooth and silky texture as well as control the thickness level. Note that guar gum is extremely potent, so start with ¼ of a teaspoon and stir it in immediately to prevent clumps.

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2. Gluten-Free Baking

The most popular guar gum powder uses in the kitchen are related to gluten-free and vegan baking. This product should definitely be included in any gluten sensitivity treatment plan as it’s a highly efficient agent for perfect baking. It can help make any non-wheat flour just as ‘good’ and your baked goods just as fluffy and soft. Another baking benefit of using guar gum powder is that it increases shelf life of the dough.

Note that vegans can use guar gum powder as a substitute for eggs.


3. Noodles

Adding guar gum powder to homemade noodles will improve their texture and increase shelf life of the final product. This will also ensure that the very process of noodle making goes faster and smoother as the powder eases the sheet formation. The noodles themselves will turn out better and won’t get ‘runny’ when boiled.


4. Ice Cream

Thickening vegan ice cream is one of the most popular guar gum powder uses today. It will give any sorbet a smooth and creamy texture. It also reduces the rate of ice crystal formation. That’s the reason why guar gum powder is often used in frozen goods production.


5. Soups

Like sauces, soups will benefit from the thickening ability of the guar gum powder. It’s a perfect addition for creamy mushroom and bean soups. Be sure to mix in the powder fast and using a blender or food processor as otherwise your soup might end up clumpy.


6. Jams

Guar gum powder uses in jams are so common, many products sold in stores include this thickener. It’s what will allow you to make a jam with a consistency of a fruit jello. It will also make your fruity goodness smoother and easier to spread on a toast.

6-original-and-tasty-guar-gum-powder-uses-for-vegans-4Have Fun Discovering More Guar Gum Powder Uses

In essence, guar gum powder is pure water-soluble fiber. Therefore, adding it to a dish benefits your health in the long run. The substance’s viscosity and thickening properties make using it rather interesting, especially if you like culinary experimentation. Try out different recipes and see how you can use guar gum powder to improve your favorite dishes.