October 02, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

6 Acai Berry Tea Benefits for Weight Loss and Health

Acai berry tea is a fantastic drink that gives you a boost of antioxidants. This means that it benefits and strengthens every system in the body. The process of oxidation is associated win increased risk of disease and researchers even tie it to the physical deterioration caused by aging. Many labs and universities study antioxidants today, attempting to find a way to use their properties to boost people’s health. While the research is still ongoing, it’s a proven fact that consuming large amounts of antioxidants does help improve one’s general wellbeing. Drinking acai berry tea is one of the more enjoyable ways to get a daily fix of these healthful elements.

6-acai-berry-tea-benefits-5Top 6 Acai Berry Tea Benefits

1. Better Vision

Acai berries contain lots of vitamin A, which is highly beneficial for eye health. Considering the benefits of superfoods vs. dietary supplements, you should get better results from acai tea than from multivitamins. In addition to enhancing your eyesight, vitamin A also contributes to healthier skin.

2. Improved Energy Levels

Acai berry tea benefits come from the high level of nutrients contained in the beverage. These elements provide you with a boost of energy at the cost of only a few calories. One of the more important benefits of acai is its positive effect on blood sugar levels. This means that the tea will help your body use its energy more efficiently and help prevent dangerous glucose spikes.

3. Cognitive Power Boost

One of the elements you get from acai berry tea is pterostilbene. It’s a compound that has a positive effect on brain health in particular. It’s the reason why acai boosts your cognitive sharpness and makes you feel more alert. Note that the drink doesn’t act as a stimulant, like caffeine. Therefore, you can enjoy it even before bed.

6-acai-berry-tea-benefits-34. Nutrient Absorption Boost

Acai berry tea benefits for weight loss are numerous, but the most important of them is the effect of the drink on nutrient absorption. As this beverage helps your body make best use of the food you ingest, it allows you to plan meals more efficiently. That’s the reason why acai berries are one of the ultimate superfoods for weight loss.

5. Reduction in Inflammatory Processes

Acai berries make the list of top 10 superfoods available in the US because they have an extremely high level of antioxidants. These elements help control the inflammatory processes, which run non-stop inside a human body. Controlling them is essential for maintaining your general health as well as for boosting the immunity.

6. Safe Body Detox

Nutritious drinks with plenty of antioxidants are the best detox foods. Acai berry tea gives you antioxidants to counter the harmful effects of toxins, nutrients to feed your body while detoxing, and fiber to help cleanse the body.

How to Enjoy Acai Berry Tea Benefits

The easiest way to make some antioxidant booster tea is to mix acai berry powder with hot water. You can enhance its effects as well as taste by adding other herbs, spices, and even fruits. For example, letting some dried blueberries steep in the hot acai mix for 5-15 minutes will give a great antioxidant boon to an already amazing drink.

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