March 27

Top 10 Superfoods and Why You Really Need Them

Superfoods are called this way because they are indeed super in terms of nutritional value. If you aim for a healthy diet, you must include at least some of them into your meals on a regular basis.

Today we offer you a list of 10 most beneficial superfoods that will definitely make you an overall healthier person. However, don’t forget that the products you buy must be organic. Otherwise, their nutritional value will be greatly reduced.

1. Avocado.
Avocados are the best source of healthy raw fats as well as over 20 essential nutrients, including B vitamins, fiber, vitamin E, potassium, and folic acid.
Another benefit of avocados is the ability of this particular fruit to increase the rate of fat-soluble nutrients absorption.
The fact that addition of avocados can make any fresh salad more delicious is a nice bonus.

2. Coconut.
You definitely need to include this superfood in your diet because coconut oil is one of the rarest fats that can be found in nature (a.k.a. lauric acid). Your body can converse this particular kind of fat into monolaurin, an element that has potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
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3. Alfalfa seeds.
This is a type of legume that is rich in biotin, phosphorus, iron, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and E. Alfalfa seeds are nutritious and help lower your cholesterol levels.
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4. Goji berries.
Goji berries is a superfood that have been used in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. They help strengthen your immune system as well as provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamins A, B2, and C.
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5. Chia seeds.
These seeds are rich in essential omega fatty acids. They help boost brain function and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Check the best quality sproutable chia seeds we offer.

6. Flax seeds.
This is another great source of fiber and fatty acids. Flax seeds will have a positive effect on your tendons and ligaments as well as help make your skin smooth and soft. This particular product is perfect for detox due to its ability to bind and remove toxins from your body.

7. Spirulina.
This superfood can hardly be called delicious, but it makes up for the lack of taste by an extremely high nutrition rate. A couple of teaspoons of spirulina a day can provide you with almost all essential vitamins and minerals.

8. Cashew.
These delicious nuts are incredibly rich in minerals and “heart-friendly” fats. They can supply you with energy and nutrition. Note that calorie count of cashews is high, so they make a perfect snack.
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9. Camu powder.
Produced from camu berries, this powder is rich in vitamin C. It strengthens your immunity and increases the production of collagen.

10. Acai.
This is a type of berries from Brazil. They are both delicious and useful because they can positively charge you with energy.

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