December 27

6 Spicy Teas for a Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight isn’t easy, but with a well-balanced meal plan, a comprehensive exercise regimen, and a few special metabolic tricks you would be able to get the body of your dreams. The most important thing is to remain determined and stick to your plans. We’ll try to help you achieve your goal by sharing some of our special additions that can boost the efficiency of your weight loss diet.

Our special approach is based on tea and spices, or, more specifically, spiced teas that utilize the power of herbs to speed up your metabolism or otherwise complement the fat burning process. Everyone knows that drinking lots of liquid is important for maintaining your good health. Replacing some of your daily dose of water with special teas would make it easier to follow this specific regulation, as plain water isn’t as delicious.

Top 6 Spiced and Herbal Teas for Your Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Mint Tea

This drink smells absolutely fantastic and is great for relaxing and clearing your mind. It also helps normalize digestion and can keep hunger pangs at bay. It would work best during the first weeks of your new diet as it will help your body get accustomed to smaller portions.

There is no special recipe for weight loss mint tea, so just take a handful of leaves and brew it like you usually do.

Chamomile and Lavender Tea

Chamomile is renowned for its antibacterial properties and our ancestors believed it to help normalize digestion. Lavender is a herb mostly used in sachets due to the soothing properties of its aroma. Brewed together, they make a drink that helps reduce stress and improve the overall health of the digestive system. This would be most helpful for those who have trouble getting used to their new lifestyle as these changes are known to cause distress and even depression that makes you lose motivation.

Goji Tea

The benefits of goji berries are well known and they have become very popular due to their fat burning effect. As they are also full of nutrients, they can be included in any healthy weight loss diet.

Although the actual medical studies on the matter are lacking, it’s believed that ingesting a drink made of goji berries and green tea after a meal can speed up the rate of fat burning for several hours. It might be best to do this after the meal preceding your workout.

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Ginger Tea

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effects are proven by numerous studies and it’s a universally accepted fact that this is one of the healthiest spices in the world. Ginger tea does not only help you fight cold but actually boosts your circulation and metabolism. It also helps block the enzymes that cause inflammation, a side effect of which may be bloating.

There are a variety of ginger tea recipes and each is equally good. We suggest mashing some fresh ginger root and mixing it with a slice of lemon and some loose green tea leaves. Don’t brew ginger with boiling hot water as it may destroy the chemicals that make it so efficient.

Fennel Tea

Fennel seeds benefits include being a potent antioxidant and having a positive effect on digestion. The drink brewed from the herb’s seeds has a very peculiar flavor and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It may help you deal with digestive challenges caused by a change in diet, such as constipation or gas. It’s known to be effective against bloating in particular.

The easiest way to make fennel tea is to put a tablespoon of seeds in a cup of hot water. Cover it, and let steep for about 15-20 minutes. However, you can use smaller amounts of seeds to get accustomed to the taste.

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Barberry Tea

This tea is not only delicious but is an actual fat burner because it contains berberine. It complements a healthy weight loss diet not only because it speeds up the actual process of shedding the extra weight but also because it helps keep your heart healthy.

There are barberry teas sold in stores or you can make one yourself by adding some dried berries to your favorite loose tea.

Start a Healthy Weight Loss Diet the Right Way

Complementing your weight loss diet with these teas will help you achieve the desired results faster as well as assist with reducing the unpleasant effects of dieting. However, you need to understand that there isn’t any wonder drink that would transform your body shape without effort. The only way to get the figure you want is to combine a well-balanced healthy meal plan with regular physical exercise.

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