August 04, 2015 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Fennel Seeds Benefits and Side Effects

Fennel seeds make an excellent spice that you definitely need to have in your arsenal. They are used in all major European cuisines and have been gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well. However, fennel seeds benefits span much further than their excellent aroma and the flavor they can give to various dishes. Anglo-Saxons considered this herb sacred due to its potent healing powers, so it’s been used as a remedy for hundreds of years.


The most important fennel seed benefits are:

  • This type of seeds is one of the most potent antioxidants.
    They contain quercetin and kaempferol, along with other flavonoid antioxidants that protect your body from the detrimental effects of free radicals. Oxidation affects your body on the cellular level, and it’s impossible to stop it completely. However, taking antioxidants on a regular basis will reduce the negative effects of this process, including aging and risk of developing many dangerous diseases.
  • Fennel helps treat constipation and some other digestive disorders.
    The seeds are exceptionally rich in insoluble fiber. 100 grams of them will provide you with 39.8 grams of the substance necessary to facilitate the process of digestion. Insoluble fiber will soak up water from your intestines and make it easier for the food you consume to move forward. This will ease any constipation and flatulence problems as well as normalize the digestive process as a whole. Increasing your intake of dietary fiber is a necessary requirement of any weight loss diet.
  • They increase the secretion of breast milk.
    This is one of the fennel seed benefits that have been known for centuries, which is one of the reasons to why this spice remains a popular remedy even today. Aside from increasing the amount of milk, seeds also affect its constitution. In essence, it makes the milk into a remedy, which relieves colic pain and other common digestive problems that usually affect babies.

If you want to try one of the dozens of recipes that include fennel, be sure to buy the spice of the highest quality.



Fennel Seeds Side Effects

Despite its many benefits, there are some side effects to this spice that you need to be aware of. Some people should avoid this spice due to medical reasons, so be sure to discuss this matter with your doctor if:

  • You suffer from a disorder that can cause seizures or hallucinations.
    In some very rare cases, consuming large amounts of fennel can induce either of these conditions.
  • You take ciprofloxacin or fluoroquinolone medications.
    If you do, you should avoid fennel for at least two hours before or after taking take the drugs. This herb has been proven to interact with them and reduce the efficiency of these medications. The best decision is to avoid the spice altogether while taking these antibiotics.
  • You suffer from kidney or liver disease.
    Although there is no conclusive proof as to how exactly fennel affects people with these conditions, the patients are advised to avoid this particular spice.

Please note that consuming large amounts of fennel (especially fennel oil) can increase the chances of young girls developing breasts prematurely as well as increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women by inducing menstruation.