October 18, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits Vs. Taking Multivitamins

The most important benefits of eating dry fruits instead of taking multivitamins are the nutrients in food vs. a supplement. Dried fruits contain not only essential vitamins and minerals, but they also give you fiber, protein, and carbs. Multivitamins, on the other hand, are only good for fulfilling limited nutritional needs.


Important Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

Dried fruits are very good for you because they are highly nutritious. Unless the fruits are soaked in sugary syrup or processed in some other unhealthy way, they make some of the best snacks. It’s true that the nutrient content of dried foods is lower than fresh, especially when it comes to vitamins A, C, and E. However, despite the reduced amount of some elements, dried fruits remain as good for you as their fresh counterparts. 

These products also have an additional advantage – they are available all year round. Fresh fruits are only available for a limited time, and some of them are very expensive even while in season. This is especially so for exotic fruits that must be imported.

There isn’t much nutritional difference between dried and frozen fruits. However, you can make more delicious things with dry products as well as eat them as snacks. Frozen fruits will have an unpleasant soppy texture when defrosted. Without this, they are only good for smoothies and some stews.

General benefits of eating dry fruits boil down to:

  • They are an excellent source of dietary fiber.
  • They are easily converted to energy, so make great midday snacks.
  • Dried fruits are delicious and make a healthy substitute for high-calorie desserts.
  • Replacing candy with dried fruits is a good strategy for cutting down on eating sugar.
  • Snacking on dried fruits is one of the most effective (and tasty) weight loss diet tips.
  • Dry fruits keep well for many months, so you can buy them in bulk.


Benefits of Taking Multivitamins

It’s impossible to deny that multivitamins can be good for your health. They give you nutrients that you lack and can’t get from food for some reason. However, much like with the ‘health benefits of superfoods vs. dietary supplements’ debate, the choice between dried fruits and multivitamins will usually come up on the side of the food.

While multivitamins are packed with synthetic vitamins and minerals, fruits contain natural varieties of them. The amount of nutrient you get from dried fruits can be smaller, but it’s easier for your body to process it. This means that one of the most important benefits of eating dry fruits over multivitamins is that you get to absorb more nutrients.

There is also the issue of ‘overdosing’ to be considered. The majority of multivitamins contain huge amounts of elements. A single pill can give you 10 times the recommended daily allowance of certain elements.

In most cases, this can be ignored as your body will simply flush the excess. However, this will put additional stress on your filtering systems and lengthy overconsumption of some elements might cause health problems. For example, eating too much vitamin C can result in skin irritation, nausea, and indigestion.

Multivitamins Vs. Dried Fruits: Which Is Best?

Benefits of eating dry fruits clearly prove that it’s best to load your diet with them than to try get all essential nutrients from pills. However, multivitamins and single-element supplements will be useful to treat and prevent specific nutritional deficiencies.