May 03, 2015 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Weight Loss Diet Tips: Are Dry Fruits Fattening

Everyone knows that fruits are an essential part of any healthy weight loss diet, but what about dry fruits? The question that many people ask is:


Are dry fruits fattening?

Are dry fruits fattening?

This question is born from the fact that dry fruits have more sugar and calories than their fresh counterparts. However, is it really enough to mess with your weight loss goals? The most important thing you need to know in order to understand whether these products are good for you is the fact that there are different types of dry fruits. The most important factors you need to consider when choosing which kind to buy are:

  • Is the fruit sweetened?
  • Is the fruit infused with any juice?

The information you seek should be presented on the label, so be sure to study it carefully. The more added sugar the fruit has, the more detrimental it is for your health. Therefore, you should always go for unsweetened options, especially if you are looking for dry fruits for weight loss.


Losing some excess pounds shouldn’t be your major consideration when you think about adding dry fruits to your diet. The important thing is that this kind of fruit is very good for your overall health, even if the calorie count is a bit higher than you’d like. This type of fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and healthy dietary fiber. Therefore, including it in your diet is always a good idea.

Dried fruits are different from fresh ones, and you need to accept the fact that they aren’t equal in their benefits. However, when you don’t have easy access to fresh fruits, like in winter, for example, their dry counterparts are your best choice, because they can still provide you with essential vitamins and micronutrients.

Consume dry fruits in moderation and eat them with cheese or nuts to prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking dangerously when you munch on some delicious dry berries.