November 09

Foods to Fight Colds: What to Eat for Faster Recovery

Catching a cold is never pleasant, but the condition is so common – no wonder it’s called a common cold. To cure it faster, a healthy balanced diet is essential. There are three keys: eating less so as not to overload the body, staying hydrated, and eating the right foods.

By eating certain foods to fight colds you will boost your immune system so it cures your body faster and makes it more resistant to future diseases. Moreover, there are foods and drinks that should be avoided when you have a cold, as they make digestion more difficult, adding one more problem to your cold.

Foods to Fight Colds

  • Garlic.
    If you are not allergic to garlic, meals with it may become good food to fight colds. Spice up your dishes with a bit of garlic and you will improve your immune system, get rid of congestion, and prevent future colds.
  • Ginger.
    Adding ginger to your tea or meals will help your immune system fight your cold. In addition, it’s considered to have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Citrus fruits.
    If you aren’t allergic to them, try these sources of vitamin C to help you fight a common cold. It’s important to start supplying your body with more vitamin C from the day you catch a cold.
  • Fennel.
    Fennel and fennel seeds are good expectorants, so they can help you fight a cough and breathing problems. Add fennel to your dishes and try tea brewed from fennel seeds to feel the effect faster. 1.5 teaspoons of fennel per cup is enough to make a good tea.
  • Red pepper.
    Red pepper is another good source of vitamin C. One red pepper may contain up to 150 mg of this vitamin, which is two times more then needed for an average woman. However, your daily necessity in vitamin C increases when you are sick, so don’t hesitate to add red peppers to your meals.

Drinks to Fight Colds

  • Vegetable juice.
    A common problem with a cold is that your appetite decreases so eating becomes a struggle. In this case, try drinking natural vegetable juices. Antioxidants contained in fresh vegetables will help your immune system function better, and your body will get all the necessary nutrients along with vital liquid to fight the disease.
  • Hot soup.
    This is another option if you don’t feel like eating. Hot soup will warm you from the inside, providing your body with enough fluids and nutrients. It can also help your nose to prevent viruses from entering by improving its hair-like protective structures.
  • Hot tea.
    Hot green and black teas will fill your body with all the necessary antioxidants. The hot contents will help you cure congestion, and if you add honey and lemon to the cup, you will also help your sore throat. If you can’t tolerate caffeine, choose herbal tea instead.

What to Avoid When You Are Fighting a Cold

  • Alcohol.
    Alcohol dehydrates your body and harms the immune system. These two options make a great difference when it comes to fighting a cold. You have to keep yourself hydrated and strengthen your immune system, so make sure to avoid alcohol while struggling through an illness.
  • Fried foods.
    Fried meals are not great foods to fight colds. Dishes full of saturated fat promote further inflammations that may become an obstacle for your fast recovery. Extra inflammations give your immune system more work, which slows down the process of fighting a cold.
  • Fast foods.
    Fast foods don’t contain much nutrition to help your body recover. There are lots of harmful chemicals that can only make the situation worse, so make sure you stay away from these foods and concentrate on a healthy diet.

The Right Diet as the Natural Medicine

Nutritious meals with Vitamin C and antioxidants will help you decrease the amount of medication necessary to cure the disease. They will also improve your body functions to save it from future diseases. Build your diet plan thoroughly, including all essential nutrients and avoiding junk food. After you recover, consider continuing such a healthy diet to keep strengthening all body systems.

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