November 22

7 Foods and Drinks that Will Help You Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoking has been an irreplaceable habit of humanity for over five centuries. Nowadays, it is well-known how much harm such an addiction brings. Among the disorders provoked by smoking are infertility and impotency, nervous system impairments, visual deterioration, and of course, cancer.

With such information at hand, it is high time to make an effort and quit smoking. Certain foods may be of great assistance in this endeavor — some due to the elements contained in them, and others due to their taste and texture. The list below offers an overview of such products:

  1. Fatty foods.
    Numerous studies show that it is easier for tobacco lovers to quit smoking if they consume foods that contain omega-3 fatty acid. Products such as beans and flaxseeds are a rich source of omega-3, thus becoming essential ingredients to your diet if you decide to start a healthier life without cigarettes.
  2. Milk.
    Many ex-smokers say that drinking milk helped them in their journey to healthy living. They claim that after drinking milk, cigarette smoke left an unpleasant aftertaste that urged them to quit faster. Furthermore, the calcium contained in milk will provide extra support for teeth that will inevitably suffer from the ruinous habit.
  3. Dried fruits.
    Dried fruits like dates and apricots, for example, may reduce the craving to smoke due to their rich texture and fragrance.
  4. Nuts.
    The hardest part when you quit smoking is distracting yourself from the craving. A handful of hazelnuts or almonds will keep your mind off cigarettes. Besides, they make a great snack with plenty of useful nutrients and proteins.
  5. Salt.
    Another distraction that is known to work is eating salty snacks. In order to not replace one unhealthy addiction with another, do not turn to packs of junk food. You can prepare simple and healthy salty snacks on your own using coarse sea salt. Thus, you may enjoy the treat and simultaneously benefit from it.
  6. Fresh fruit.
    Cigarettes are known to exhaust the smokers’ health. Fresh fruit is a rich source of many vitamins that will replenish your body with strength. Such a mix of vitamins and high content of fiber will make you feel full of energy, as well as cut down your desire to grab a lighter.
  7. Water.
    Drinking plenty of water is a must for those who are working hard to quit smoking. It makes you feel full, which diminishes the urge to smoke. Besides, smokers often suffer from dehydration, and water is the simplest way to overcome the consequences of this bad habit, such as bad tone and dryness of skin.

Apart from helping you to quit smoking, all of these foods and drinks are rich sources of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that should be always present in your diet. If you introduce them into your day-to-day eating routine, you will benefit from them even long after you give up cigarettes. Taking care of your body, whether it is through eating healthy or working out, is the best habit a person can acquire.

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