A closeup of alfalfa sprouts

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2 Responses to Types of Sprouts and Many Health Benefits They Offer

  1. […] The health benefits of sprouts are well known, so if you want to eat healthy, you definitely should consider adding them to your diet. However, remember that like any other type of raw food, these crunchy fresh plants can carry some risks. If you want to be sure that you get only the best these foods have to offer, you’ll need to learn some rules of safe sprouting. […]

  2. Best Ways to Keep Food Clean and Safe

    […] Develop a balanced diet. Build up your diet basing on veggies and whole grains. During the warm seasons benefit from eating fresh fruit (a recommended amount for an adult person is about 1-2 cups per day). Choose the ones rich in vitamin C as it will boost your immune powers and make you less vulnerable to toxins. Provide yourself with a good source of healthy proteins by consuming organic seeds. Don’t forget about adding enough saturated fats and antioxidants to your diet. Also turn your attention to the numerous benefits of eating sprouts. […]

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