Quinoa is a traditional South American food that in recent years has grown in popularity in North America and Europe. Sometimes considered a modern “superfood,” quinoa was a major staple of the Incas, who considered it sacred.

What’s Quinoa

While technically not a grain, quinoa is a starchy seed that has similar properties to the cereal grains. Unlike many grains, though, it is non-GMO, and it has a low glycemic index.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

One of quinoa’s most attractive properties is the bioavailability of many trace nutrients, especially flavonoids. It is particularly high in quercetin. It is also gluten free, and it contains the essential minerals iron, magnesium, and potassium, as well as zinc. It is an excellent source of manganese.

Quinoa contains a balanced selection of all essential amino acids, and it has a high protein content. Quinoa is very high in fiber, especially insoluble fiber. It is low sodium and contains no cholesterol. It does, however, contain Omega-3 fatty acids and numerous anti-oxidants.

How to Use Quinoa

Quinoa is delicious, and it combines well with a wide variety of dishes. You can use it with your favorite chili recipe, serve it with stir-fry in place of rice, use it cold in salads, cook it up like a breakfast cereal, or concoct any dish that makes use of its distinctive flavor and delectable crunch.

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