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Coriander, also known as dhania or cilantro, is a plant widely used in numerous cuisines all over the world. It is most known for its characteristic flavor, due to which it complements various dishes, both in fresh and cooked states. However, the taste of cilantro is not its only value, for the benefits it provides for our body are hard to overestimate. You may introduce coriander in your diet in several ways, for all of its parts can be used to your benefit. The leaves are rich in vitamins, while the seed provides a sufficient amount of minerals. Its roots may also be used in cooking for a more savory taste, which is particularly common in Thai cuisine. This plant has earned its reputation as a salutary spice for people struggling with diabetes. It is also known for its significant anti-inflammatory effect and proves to be useful in lowering the level of cholesterol in your body as well. Apart from this, coriander has a wholesome influence on the state of your skin, digestive system, blood, eyes, and bones.

Coriander Seeds: Health Benefits

The benefits of coriander are wide and varied, and if you look into them in a more detailed manner, you will find certain effects that you might like to achieve in terms of your own body. Among the advantages offered by dhania are:
  • Improving your digestion. Due to its high content of essential oils, some of which are linaool, cineole, and borneol, coriander significantly favors the functioning of your digestive system. It stimulates a healthy appetite and prevents numerous disorders like nausea and vomiting. Additionally, it is very effective in reducing diarrhea, as the essential oils activate proper bowel and liver functioning.
  • Lowering cholesterol level. The acids that you introduce to your body when you consume cilantro, for example, linoleic, oleic, palmitic acids and so on, are highly beneficial for maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in your blood. Not only do these elements prevent the accumulation of bad LDL cholesterol, but they also affect the cholesterol that has already been deposited in your arteries. Moreover, this plant will help you raise your level of healthy cholesterol, or HDL, thus helping you avoid many cardiovascular diseases.
  • Controlling blood sugar. Coriander stimulates the proper production of insulin in your body, thus helping you to control blood sugar spikes and providing your body with the necessary elements to avoid diabetes or tame this disease if you suffer from it.
Coriander provides plenty of other benefits for your body, making a natural means to cure ulcers, relieve spasms, provide an antioxidant effect, strengthen your bones, and alleviate allergies. Moreover, numerous studies are discovering further information about the salutary effect that cilantro has on a human body. All of the facts above count in favor of including coriander in your everyday diet. Our store offers top-quality products, so that you may safely enjoy the advantages of this plant. Whatever way you choose to cook with cilantro, you can be sure that you will benefit from it.