Organic Pecans

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Buy our top quality pecans if you are looking for a delicious healthy snack or something to enhance the flavor of your baked goods.

Top-Quality Pecans

All tree nuts are good for your health, but pecans take a special place among this food group because they contain huge amounts of antioxidants. They have been revered by the Native Americans for both their flavor and medicinal properties. Today pecans are most often used as a snack or added to pastries and confections. You will have no trouble incorporating them into your diet due to their high nutritious value as well as delicious buttery flavor. The most important nutrients you can obtain from these nuts are:
  • B vitamins. Pecans contain several B vitamins, and each offers a wide range of health benefits. These elements trigger the production of various enzymes inside your body. Some of them facilitate the transmittance of nervous signals to and from the brain, others affect your DNA and reduce the risk of birth defects, etc.
  • Vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin is one of the best antioxidants in existence. It effectively counters the damage from free radicals that attack your cells every moment of your life. This nutrient not only strengthens your health, but also enhances your natural beauty, making your hair, nails, and skin stronger and shinier.
  • This is an essential mineral that plays an active part in many processes inside your body. Copper is necessary for the healthy functioning of your nervous, cardiovascular, and circulation systems.

How to Use Pecans

This product has a long shelf life, especially if you store it in a cool dark place inside the original Food to Live ziplock bag. Keep the nuts dry and away from heat to prevent them from turning rancid. If you store the bag inside your fridge, you can keep them fresh for many months. Adding pecans to some of your dishes can help you create a variety of culinary masterpieces. Their most common uses in the kitchen are:
  • For desserts. The rich, sweet, nutty flavor of the nuts enhances the flavor of sweet desserts and confections. You can use them to make delicious pies, muffins, or even fudge. Sprinkling them over sundaes will enhance the flavor of the delightful treat as well as add some pleasant crunchiness. The nuts go extremely well with bourbon ice cream.
  • For salads. You can either crush the nuts to sprinkle over salads or use whole halves. In either case, they will add to the taste of vegetables. You can also blend them with other ingredients to create flavorful condiments.
  • For pecan butter. Pecan allergies aren’t very common, so you can use them to make a great alternative to peanut butter.