November 16

Top 7 Foods for Diabetes: Eat Healthy and Control Your Blood Sugar

We all know today that diabetes should not necessarily be a life-long sentence. People who suffer from this disease can lead a perfectly normal life — and they should. A healthy diet becomes an absolute must in such circumstances, for certain foods positively affect the level of sugar in your blood. Due to the high content of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, certain products should become best friends of people with diabetes. Below is the list of the most useful foods that can be easily found in any grocery store.

  1. Apples.
    Common as they are, apples remain one of the healthiest foods for many purposes, and improving the state of your blood is one of them. This fruit is full of fiber that helps slow down the release of sugar in the blood and controls its general level.An assortment of different beans
  2. Beans.
    Legumes are another rich source of fiber, as well as protein, and at the same time they are low in fat and calories. A delicious ingredient to many dishes, they are a great tool for controlling spikes of blood sugar that can disturb people with diabetes.
  3. Grapefruit.
    Grapefruit is a known source of vitamin C. Together with other citrus fruit, it is great for diabetes as people who suffer from this disease have a low level of vitamin C and require its antioxidant effect. Low in fat and containing plenty of healthy nutrients, citrus fruit is rightfully considered one of the top foods for diabetes.Different types of nuts
  4. Nuts.
    Nuts are a perfect choice for people with diabetes for several reasons. Firstly, there appears more and more proof that nuts help control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. Secondly, nuts are helpful when it comes to fighting heart disease, which is quite common among people who suffer from diabetes.
  5. Greens.
    Such vegetables as kale and spinach are perfect for fighting the consequences of diabetes, like, for example, reduction in vision, because they contain lutein that positively affects the state of your eyes. Besides, these greens are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B, fiber and vitamin C, all of which can become of great help to people whose bodies throws all their strength to fight diabetes.
  6. Cinnamon.
    Make cinnamon your favorite dressing, for it is proven to be another top food for diabetes. Studies have shown that people who consume cinnamon regularly suffer from blood sugar spikes considerably more rarely than those who do not add this spice to their diet. Besides, cinnamon has another healthy effect, which is lowering the chances of heart disease.
  7. Berries.
    People with diabetes often have trouble with satisfying their craving for something sweet. In order to avoid unnecessary risks it is best to treat yourself with a serving of berries — raspberries, blueberries or any other kind that suit your individual needs better. They are low in fat, yet high in antioxidants and vitamins, and thus they make a perfect snack, both delicious and healthy.

The products listed above can be rightly considered top foods for diabetes, because they are rich in healthy elements, and at the same time they make your ration varied and delicious. Many of them can be consumed both cooked and raw, which fits many preferences.

Still, people with diabetes need to be extremely careful when it comes to their diet. Recommendations are numerous, but it is better to check your personal state, especially your blood sugar in particular, after introducing certain products to your menu.

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