November 30

Why Skipping Breakfast Is a Taboo in a Healthy Diet

It’s important to start your day with good things, and breakfast is one of them. Unfortunately, many people underestimate their necessity in the first meal and practice skipping breakfast, thus leaving their bodies fasting until lunchtime. However, this habit has negative effects that may lead to health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc.

Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast

  • Low blood sugar.
    To boost our body systems for better work during the day, you have to refill sugar in your blood, as the level is quite low after sleep. If you don’t boost the sugar in the morning, your muscles will lack tonus and your brain will hardly concentrate on work.
  • Lack of energy.
    Skipping breakfast may end up making you feel moody and not wanting to do anything. Your body is under stress when you don’t give it the main energy source – healthy food.
  • Overeating.
    Waiting for lunchtime will most probably make you overeat during the meal, as your body will try to replenish all nutrients and still the hunger. Eating breakfast will fill your stomach with enough protein and fiber, making the feeling of satiety last for longer time.

The Value of Breakfast for Healthy Weight

Certain studies have found that those who eat healthy meals in the morning usually weigh less than those who like skipping breakfast. This proves the main mistake people make when trying to lose weight: reducing calorie intake by removing whole meals from their routine.

Most dietitians recommend eating small portions of food about every 3 hours, and breakfast is always included in the plan. Besides, you have to choose carefully what to eat first in the morning, as your choice will determine your well-being during the day. It’s better to eat something that will nourish your body well, like cereals, vegetable salads with seeds, etc.

What to Eat for Breakfast?

There are some healthy and tasty options to make you forget about skipping breakfast.

  • Oatmeal.
    Oats are good as breakfast for weight loss, gut cleaning, and bad cholesterol decreasing. Oats contain lots of fiber that makes you feel full for longer time, and antioxidants that free radicals from appearing in the body. Eat oats with nuts and berries for better nutrition.
  • Smoothies.
    There are lots of healthy smoothie alternatives to boost your body functions in the morning. These drinks can be the way out if you don’t feel like eating anything for breakfast. They are easy to digest and full of vitamins that your body needs every day.
  • Chia seeds.
    A pudding made from chia seeds will become a good option for breakfast due to its fiber and protein intake. The seeds also reduce the possibility of diabetes development, as they balance blood sugar. Chia will also protect your body from free radicals as it contains lots of antioxidants.

Include Breakfast into Your Ration

There are many healthy foods to try for breakfast, so by skipping the first meal you also skip a huge amount of possibilities to make your diet healthier. Start your day with a cereal of your choice or a healthy light smoothie, and you will get rid of many troubles. Your body systems will work better, you will feel energized and will be able to concentrate on your work.

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