May 22, 2018 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Science-Based Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Drinking milk has been an essential part of our growing years. Mothers will diligently make sure that we drink our milk regularly when we were kids because it provided us the needed nutrients to make us strong and healthy. However, as we grow as an adult it became our least favorite things to drink because of various reasons. One notable reason is the inability to digest the lactose that is found in milk making you lactose intolerant that causes bloating, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. Lactose intolerant can develop later in life and its effect is worst following its symptoms.

Good thing that we have milk alternatives such as almond milk that will give us the needed nutrients without the side effects of a regular milk brings.

Almond milk is a delicious plant-based that is made of ground almonds. It has a creamy texture and a nutty flavor. It is an ideal milk for those that cannot tolerate dairy milk and to those who want to reduce animal intake in their diet or just simply wants to have a healthier alternative.

Health benefits of almond milk

Health benefits of almond milk

To learn more about all the goodness almond milk can give to you, let us look into the science-based health benefits of almond milk:

It has lower calories.

Almond milk has 65-80% lower calories than regular milk. It contains 39 calories that are half of the calories found in skim milk. This is good news for those who are cutting their calories intake and watching their weight. Drinking almond milk is a great strategy for maintaining an ideal weight. Commercially produced almond milk comes in a variety of flavors so it is best to choose those that don’t have added sugar in it for a healthier reason.

Almond milk does not raise blood sugar.

Naturally, almond milk is low in sugar. It is a low carb beverage that could aid those that are restricting their sugar intake. One cup of almond milk contains 1-3 grams of carbs which comprise mostly of dietary fiber while one cup of dairy milk contains 13 grams of carbs most of which are sugar. In relation to its low carb content, almond milk is high in monosaturated fat and protein that does not cause spikes in blood sugar making almond milk suitable for diabetics or for those who are in low carb diet.

Almond milk contains a naturally high level of vitamin E.

In just one ounce, almond comprises 37% of the daily requirement of vitamin E making almond milk a natural source of this vitamin. One cup of almond milk supplies 20-25% of your daily vitamin E requirement while compared to cow’s milk that doesn’t have any vitamin E at all. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant that fights inflammation and stress in our body. It is also beneficial for repairing damaged skin and in slowing down the aging process. It is also good for the bone and helps in eye health.

Almond milk is fortified with vitamin D and calcium.

These two nutrients are important aspects of good health, especially for the heart, bone and immune functions. Calcium found in almond milk contains only 7% of the daily requirement. To be able to consume more of it, manufacturers enriched it with calcium so that people won’t be missing out on this important mineral that is good for the proper development of bone and muscle health. Calcium also aids in reducing and preventing risks of fractures and osteoporosis. Vitamin D, on the other hand, can be produced by our body through sunlight exposure but not everybody can have enough of it. Since almond milk are sought to be a good alternative for dairy milk, manufacturers enriched it with vitamin D2 for that 40-50 % of people who are not getting enough of this vitamin. You get 25% of the required daily intake of vitamin D2 with just 1 cup of fortified vitamin D2 almond milk. Lack of this essential vitamin may increase the risk of heart disease, muscle weakness, fertility problems, and infectious diseases.

Almond milk is absolutely dairy free and vegan.

More people are now leaning on to choose to avoid dairy for reasons like health concern or lifestyle choice. Almond milk is 100% plant based and doesn’t have the protein that can cause milk allergies among adults compared to dairy milk. Moreover, it doesn’t have any animal products at all which is perfect for vegans and for those that struggle with the issue of lactose intolerant. That’s is why almond milk is the more preferred milk alternatives among health-conscious people.

These are the good reasons why almond milk is a great replacement for the regular milk. You can enjoy it in your coffee, cereal, smoothies and in your baked goodies. You will not only appreciate its pleasant taste but also its nutritional value it will give you.