August 18, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Refined Sugar Effects on the Body: Are They Really That Bad for You

Refined sugar effects on the body are varied and none of them are really good. Scientists are still debating just how dangerous sugar consumption really is. One thing is for sure and that most Americans will definitely benefit from reducing the amount of sweets in their diet. However, excluding them completely doesn’t seem necessary.

Negative Refined Sugar Effects on the Body

1. Obesity
The most dangerous problem associated with eating sugary products is obesity. However, it’s essential to understand that sugar, as a substance, doesn’t cause you to become overweight. However, sweets are high in calories and often fats, and lacking in important nutrients at the same time. Due to their pleasant flavor, most people eat too many of those things to be healthy. That’s what causes obesity and a variety of other nutrition disorders.

2. Diabetes
Like with obesity, diabetes isn’t one of the direct refined sugar effects on the body. However, being overweight, not getting sufficient amounts of essential nutrients, and overeating sugars does cause this condition. This means that eating sugar in small amounts isn’t dangerous, but loading up on sweets is.

3. Nutritional deficiencies

There are two ways in which refined sugars cause you to develop deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals. First of all, sugary products contain lots of calories, so eating them reduces your intake of healthier foods. As a result, your body simply doesn’t get a chance to consume the nutrients it needs.
One of the more dangerous refined sugar effects on the body is that this element burns out your stores of calcium, magnesium, and B vitamins faster. Therefore, instead of going towards strengthening your bones and boosting wellbeing, these nutrients are used up for processing sugars. Considering how hard it is to get enough calcium from your diet in general, such a waste is a serious threat to your health.

4. Tooth decay
Cavities have long been associated with candies, and it’s true that sugars really speed up the process of tooth deterioration. This happens because when bacteria living inside your mouth combine with sugars, they form mild acids that destroy enamel. Note that sugar also is ‘bacteria food’. So, it naturally speeds up their growth beyond healthy levels.

Are There Any Positive Refined Sugar Effects on the Body

Sugars don’t really offer and specific health benefits. However, they stimulate dopamine production, so sweets really make you a little bit happier.

You must understand that almost all foods contain natural sugars, so you’ll never be able to exclude this element from your diet completely. It’s only added refined sugar that you need to worry about, and that doesn’t offer anything good. Be aware of the foods with hidden sugar so that you know which products to avoid.

How Much Sugar Is Too Much

There is no set ‘healthy dose’ of sugar per day because there are so many types of this carbohydrate. General recommendations usually go along the lines of no more than 90g daily, which is about 21 spoons.

If you think that reducing your sugar intake to this level will be easy, consider the fact that one can of sweet soda contains about 9 spoons.