May 16, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

List of Pregnancy-Safe Food for Anxiety Relief and Why It Matters

Eating the right food for anxiety relief during pregnancy is essential as these diet changes can help prevent some dangerous health issues for both the mother and the baby. The exact effects of anxiety during pregnancy on the developing fetus are still under research. However, it’s a proven fact that anxiety disorders have a strong negative influence on unborn babies. As taking medications isn’t an option for pregnant women, switching to a diet that reduces such neurological reactions can help manage the condition.

Any type of anxiety disorder in the mother affects the child in many ways. At the moment, we know that the effects of this vary and range from an increased risk of ADHD in children to a reduced caregiving instinct in mothers. There is also the danger of miscarriage and premature birth that can be accompanied with a variety of defects.

Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical anxiety treatments are dangerous to pregnant women and must be avoided. Adjusting your diet might be the best solution to this problem.

List of Pregnancy-Safe Food for Anxiety Relief




Delicious and juicy, blueberries are full of fiber and antioxidants that help relieve stress and reduce anxiety naturally. They are also packed with essential nutrients, which makes them good for all future mothers who need to provide their growing babies with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. If fresh berries are out of season, you can get their benefits from dried blueberries. The benefits of eating dried fruits during pregnancy also include improved digestion and a reduced risk of developing constipation or hemorrhoids. Both these issues are sure to contribute to the overall level of mother-to-be’s stress, so you should do your best to avoid them.


Green seaweed is the best food for anxiety relief for pregnant women because it’s a good source of iodine. You should consume 220 micrograms of this element per day while carrying a baby as it promotes their brain development. The high tryptophan content is what makes green seaweed beneficial for anxiety as it’s a natural ‘calming draught’.
Please note that seaweed snacks might contain a variety of harmful elements. Buy this product in its natural form to get most health benefits. You also need to bear in mind that brown seaweed contains an extremely high level of iodine. A pregnant woman shouldn’t eat it more often than once a week. Therefore, the green type is the best choice of this food during this important period of your life.


Maca powder

3.Maca powder

There is some controversy regarding the consumption of maca powder during pregnancy, so you should consult your doctor before eating it. However, the Peruvian women have been consuming it for millennia and have discovered no ill effects. In fact, the high nutritional value of maca powder makes it a good choice for a healthy pregnancy diet.


4.Chamomile tea
The calming effects of chamomile tea are well known all over the world. This herb is great for settling your nerves as well as treating digestive discomforts. However, remember to drink this beverage in moderation and don’t mix it with other herbs.

Do not forget that simply eating good food for anxiety relief may not be enough. Always consult a healthcare professional if you feel too stressed during pregnancy.