May 16

Healthy Hair on a Vegan Diet: Look at Indians to See It’s Possible

Lots of people who have even seen Bollywood movies couldn’t miss the gorgeous look of the actors’ hair. You may be surprised to find out that it looks so thanks not to modern hair care product only.

In fact, the health and beauty begin from within. The secret of Indians’ beautiful hair lays in their traditional eating habits and the products widely used in the Indian cuisine.

Top Products Used in Indian Dishes that Promote Healthy Hair

The list of nutrients essential for the thick, strong, and shiny hair include iron, zinc, lauric and folic acids, proteins, and A, C and B-group vitamins. All of them are present in high concentration in some products used for cooking traditional Indian dishes.

  1. Coconut oil.
    It’s rich in lauric acid that protects the organism from protein loss and keeps the hair shiny and strong.
  2. Beans.
    Beans, especially the soybeans, contain a lot of iron that helps hair follicles grow and are the powerful source of proteins.
  3. Spices.
    Turn your attention to such Indian spices as coriander, cardamom, ginger, and turmeric. They can provide you with zinc, iron, and vitamins. Vitamin A contained in these spices prevents follicles damage and hair loss while vitamins of B group are crucial for healthy hair as they boost the hair growth.
  4. Mango.
    Mango is a perfect source of a vitamin C that enhances the iron absorption, so it would be a good idea to combine it with iron-rich foods in your meals.
  5. Bananas.
    Bananas supply the essential amount of B-group vitamins to the body, including the vitamin B7 that synthesizes the hormone keratin and helps to build fibrous parts of the hairs.
  6. Almonds.
    Vitamin E contained in almonds makes the hair soft and silky. In addition to eating raw almonds, you can include this useful product into your diet through the almond flour – there are many vegetarian delicious recipes with almond flour that you will definitely love.

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