September 28

11 Easy Tricks to Eat Healthy While Eating Out

Even if you put your health above all, you can’t and needn’t miss an opportunity to eat out with your friends, relatives, or colleagues. Your social life is as important as your physical health, but it may seem that dining out and eating healthy are two incompatible things. Fortunately, you can combine them without any damage to your health and weight loss program, by making proper choices.

Here are some effortless tricks that will allow you to do it:

  1. Try to make certain decisions beforehand.
    If it’s possible, try to choose the restaurant yourself. If you don’t have such an opportunity (e.g., you’ve been invited to a business lunch), check the menu of the restaurant online. You can choose what to order several days before.
  2. Make the best choices when ordering meals.
    Read the menu attentively, even if you are familiar with it. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions and request changes to a dish.
    Ask to substitute side-dishes, toppings, and the like if they don’t meet your requirements. If your dish comes with French fries, and there are healthier side-dishes, ask to substitute it.
    Choose broiled or baked dishes to avoid grease and breading.
  3. Order dressing and sauces on the side.
    In such a way, you will be able to control their quantity and the extra calories that they contain.
  4. Choose colored instead of white.
    Red or tomato sauces are lower in fat and in calories than white or cream ones. Instead of mayonnaise, have mustard on a sandwich or burger.
  5. Start with salad.
    It’s a healthful beginning that helps fill you up and lessen the amount of food that you’ll consume later.
  6. Control your portions.
    Some,if not most restaurants serve food in great amounts. You may ask for a takeout box while ordering your meal or when it’s brought to you. Put half of the meal into the box.
  7. Drink plenty of water.
    Water is part of a well-balanced meal. However, it doesn’t mean that you should drink in order to eat less. If you do it, you’ll get hungry again very fast. You can put a slice of lemon into the water to promote better digestion.
  8. Be moderate with alcohol.
    When choosing drinks, it’s better to order a glass of red wine, which is good for cardiovascular health. Sugary cocktails, soda, and juices should be excluded from the list of things that you are ordering.
  9. Share your dessert, or substitute it with fresh fruits.
    These are not always listed on the menu, but may be available on your request. You should refrain from toppings with high amounts of fat. Choose low-calorie yogurt instead.
  10. Enjoy your meals.
    Eat slowly, enjoy the flavor and aroma of the food as well as good conversation with your friends.
  11. Enjoy a calm walk after you eat out. It’ll be useful for your digestion.

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