May 01, 2015 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Anise Seeds: An Aromatic Medicine or Mere Spice

Anise seed benefits are numerous, and people came to realize these thousands of years ago. Nowadays, anise is even more popular than it used to be during the times when our ancestors had no other medicines but herbs. Anise is appreciated today for its fragrance, and even those who do not believe in alternative medicine gladly use it to spice up their meals.


So, what is anise seed and how can it help you?

So, what is anise seed and how can it help you

Anise is a plant which originally comes from the Middle East and Mediterranean. It is believed that anise was first grown in Egypt. However, there is no way to prove this theory. Nowadays, this plant is cultivated for commercial purposes in many countries. Anise seeds obtain their incredible fragrance due to the high content of essential oil anethole.


Anise Seeds Benefits: Health

Anise Seeds Benefits: Health

Health-wise the most important benefits of anise seed are:

  • Potent anti-oxidant effect.
    Number one among anise seed benefits is the fact that they are an extremely potent anti-oxidant. Therefore they can help treat and prevent the many diseases that are aggravated by toxins that affect you constantly. 
  • Digestive Aid.
    Pour some hot water on a few anise seeds, let the mix cool a bit and drink it to relieve stomach pain and cramps. The effect is almost instant, and unlike pharmaceutical medicine, anise doesn’t have any unpleasant side effects. 
  • Asthma help.
    According to some studies, drinking anise tea on a regular basis should ease the symptoms of asthma. In fact, anise seeds are beneficial to everyone who suffers from cough and other lung problems.
  • Anti-lice effect.
    Anise is good for you not only from the inside. A spray that contains anise oil should help get rid of lice. This effect seems to be on par with chemicals like piperonyl, butoxide, and permethrin.
  • Women’s health.
    Anise seeds benefits include relieving the unpleasant symptoms of menstruation. It’s also believed that eating them is a safe natural way to increase the production of breast milk in nursing women.
  • Source of essential B vitamins.
    Anise is one of the best plant sources of B vitamins. This means that it is good for your brain. You should feel some of the tonic effect from the smell alone.
  • Source of minerals.
    Like all other seeds, anise is rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals. Of course, you won’t be able to meet your daily requirements by eating anise alone, but this will help you reach your ultimate goals.

How to Use Anise Seeds