March 06, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

Becoming a Raw Vegan: Challenges and Tips

Considering all the benefits of a raw vegan diet, one would think there should be more people choosing to stick to this meal plan. However, despite its advantages, this diet can be extremely challenging, so switching to it, let alone turning it into a habit, can be very difficult. Today, we’ll take a look at why becoming a raw vegan is so hard and offer you some tips that can help overcome these issues.

Before we start focusing on the challenges of raw foodism, it’s important to remember that no matter what kind of diet you want to switch to, you must always start by defining your goals. You have to know exactly why you are making this change, as this will help you get motivated. This will help you through the difficult times when the stress of new eating habits might seem too much to bear.

Four Reasons Why Becoming a Vegan is Hard and Tips on How to Overcome Them




Have you ever thought something like ‘I’d start eating healthy if I had more time to shop or to cook better meals’? Thousands of people think this way, and it’s often the only reason stopping them from cleaning up their eating habits.

Unfortunately, the lack of time is a legitimate problem in the modern world, where people are extremely busy on a daily basis. There isn’t any special solution that would provide you with more of this precious (intangible) resource. Therefore, you must make time yourself if you are really serious about improving your health and becoming a raw vegan.

Start with developing a detailed schedule for yourself. The good news is raw foodism doesn’t require much time for cooking meals. However, you do need to spend quite a few hours on their preparation, especially when you are just learning your way around this diet.

You must do your research first, so you understand how to prepare different types of foods and estimate how much time it would take you. You also need to look up appropriate stores and markets where you’ll shop for your new diet.

All in all, by the time you actually start eating raw, you must know exactly where to get your food, the most efficient route to every store/market/café, and the time and techniques you’ll use to prepare your meals. Creating a menu for at least a week in advance would be a great addition to your plans as well.

Approach becoming a raw vegan as you would a serious business project, with the same amount of consideration and determination. This way, you’ll be more prepared to face any problems, should they occur, and stick to your new eating habits.



The second, and probably the most emotionally challenging, issue that makes switching to a new diet hard, is that humans are creatures of habit. Therefore, changing our food preferences is a lot like kicking a drug addiction. Although food isn’t necessarily as addictive as some chemicals, it’s extremely hard to stop doing something that’s been your natural course of action for many years. This is why it’s always best to start your baby on a raw food diet as early as possible. This way, they won’t have decades of habit to break.

As for yourself, there is nothing to do but persevere in the face of cravings. Becoming a raw vegan will take some adjustment, so you should allow yourself to ‘break’ once in a while and get that grilled dish, cake, or candy. Keep your motivation levels high and eventually, these cravings will subside. Bear in mind, on average, it takes a human brain about 30 days to form a new habit. However, you might feel the occasional ‘pull’ of an old one for many months.




Your food shopping budget will be very different when you are becoming a raw vegan. Planning your meals will help prevent you from overspending. You should also consider buying produce in bulk, as this can help cut costs.

As you can’t stock up on most types of vegan raw foods, you’ll have to put more effort in looking for discounts and special offers. Look into loyalty programs offered by various grocery stores, which can provide you with better deals in the future.


Lack of Understanding

Lack of Understanding

This covers both the lack of your understanding of the diet and its effects on your body, as well as the support of others. Many people will definitely judge your choices and even call you out on your change in diet.

Prior research on the benefits of becoming a raw vegan can help you counter their arguments. This would also ensure you understand exactly why this meal plan is a great choice for you, and how it affects your health as a whole.


Is Embracing a Raw Vegan Diet Worth it?

Is Embracing a Raw Vegan Diet Worth it

You are the only one who can answer this question honestly. Do your reading and make a decision. If you believe the health benefits offered by this diet are good enough to outweigh the challenges that come with it, you should follow through with your plans to change.