August 12

Beauty Diet: What to Eat for Healthy Skin

The things you eat affect you in many ways. Some of these foods can make you healthier and others might harm you. However, people often forget that the nutrients they consume also affect their appearance.

Quite a few common skin disorders can be treated with a few simple diet changes. In addition, eating the right kinds of food can strengthen your hair and nails and even help you slow down the process of aging.

The main question is what to eat for healthy skin?

Here is a list of the most effective beauty foods compiled by our team:

  • Leafy greens.
    Leafy green vegetables should be on your daily menu if you really want to get the most from your food. They are packed with antioxidants, so they literally help you slow down time. Oxidation speeds up the natural process of aging and makes the visible signs of it appear much faster. Therefore, eating leafy greens will help you stave off the appearance of wrinkles for quite a few years.
  • Brazil nuts.
    These nuts are exceptionally rich in selenium. This particular nutrient helps protect your skin from the damage dealt by sun radiation and reduces the risk of skin cancer. Mix brazil nuts with seeds, broccoli, and tomatoes to get a strong boost of selenium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. This combination will strengthen your immune system and help prevent skin conditions.
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  • Hazelnuts are exceptionally rich in vitamin E, which can really be called “beauty vitamin”. It helps keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Vitamin E also affects your hair and nails making them stronger.
    Other foods rich in this nutrient are sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts, and avocado.
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  • Flax seeds.
    Seeds, in general, and flax seeds in particular, contain a lot of phytoestrogens. These chemicals mimic female hormones and therefore, help maintain healthy hormonal balance and keep your skin smooth and clear as it’s supposed to be.
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  • Fennel and other anti-inflammatory herbs and spices, like ginger, turmeric, and rosemary, can help treat psoriasis and similar conditions. To achieve the best effect, you will need to combine these spices with nut and seed oils.
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These are only a few of the foods that can help you enhance your natural beauty. If you want your looks to benefit from your meals, you will need to maintain a well-balanced diet and stay away from junk food and sweet drinks.

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