December 28

7 Seeds to Make Your Health Excel

Despite their tiny size, most edible seeds are tiny nutritional giants packed with beneficial components like vitamins, fatty acids and other essential elements. To make the most out of these gifts of nature, you should get an overview of the significant value each of them possesses. 

Health Benefits of the Most Health-Boosting Seeds:

  1. Pomegranate seeds as a wonderful weight-controller.
    The whole fruit is literally packed with seeds that are ideal for those who are mindful of their weight as they’re very low in calories. Moreover, these tiny particles are rich in fiber, vitamins, and plant chemicals that could serve as a great preventive measure against cancer.
  2. Chia seeds as a dietary fiber superhero and a bone strengthener.
    This pin-sized source of nutrients has long been consumed, from ancient civilizations to modern times. The majority of the carbs contained in them is in the form of fiber that helps you control your body weight. Moreover, they absorb the gastric juice in your stomach and create a sense of fullness, which keeps you from craving more food. Besides, the gel formed due to this process can help you control the sugar in your blood. To make them even more significant, they help keep your bones strong due to the calcium present in them.
  3. Hemp seeds as a great way to have beautiful muscles.
    These seeds are an abundant source of amino acids, containing essential ones which make them a complete source of protein, much needed to have fat-free well-developed muscles. In fact, the amount of amino acids in them is even higher than in the traditionally protein-rich foods. Besides being easy to digest, these seeds can prevent some very serious diseases like coronary disorders and even cancer.
  4. Flax seeds as a great way to fight “bad cholesterol” and control the blood sugar.
    Those who neglect this food are making a huge mistake, as the fiber in them helps your body reduce your LDL level, which makes you less vulnerable to serious heart problems. Moreover, the lignans found in them are known for their estrogen-like function, antioxidants properties and their ability to control the blood sugar .
  5. Sesame seeds as a solution for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
    The linoleic acid present in them helps lower “bad cholesterol” and contains lignans useful for your heart. In addition, these seeds can reduce your blood pressure.  Calcium and magnesium balance each other out to help your bones remain strong. To crown it all, they have a very delicate taste, especially when roasted.
  6. Pumpkin seeds as an assistant to help you overcome your anxiety.
    These contain tryptophan, a kind of amino acid that is known for its ability to reduce your anxiety. They are also full of fatty acids essential for the strength of our blood vessels. Besides, pumpkin seeds are known to prevent men from developing prostate cancer.
  7. Sunflower seeds as an excellent source of vitamins B and E.
    The vitamins B and E in these babies are good for your blood and its pressure. They also include selenium, which is thought to have some cancer-thwarting properties.