March 29, 2018 · Written by Foodtolive Team

7 Reasons To Love Quinoa

Before adhering to a personalized diet plan, it takes a fusion of getting to know what your body truly needs and researching the offerings in todays food market.

An emerging entity is starting to be a staple among healthy eaters. Do you want to have a taste of what the historical people of Peru, the Incas, eat?

Then you have to know Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wa) – an ideal substitute for your starchy grains. Interestingly, quinoa is not a grain but a seed under the family of beets and spinach.

Here are seven reasons why you will love the gold of the Incas– Quinoa:


United Nations Approved

1. United Nations Approved

The United Nations (UN) declared 2013 as the International Quinoa Year. This is in recognition of the crops fully-packed nutritive content. It is described as a superfood since it has twice the protein component of rice. Who needs more cups then?

Aside from protein, quinoa contains all the essential amino acids. Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice as the crop is a superb plant-based source of protein.


Rich in Anti-oxidants

2. Rich in Anti-oxidants

The wonders of organic foods go beyond getting the common vitamins and minerals we hear every time. There are other nutrients we are not familiar with and quinoa has some of them!

Do you know what flavonoids are?

Flavonoids are anti-oxidant molecules found in plants. Studies reveal that quinoa possesses two prominent flavonoids: kaempferol and quercetin. These molecules also have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties. Not a bad combo for such mini seeds.


Higher Fiber Content

3. Higher Fiber Content

Constipated? Your dietician may prescribe more fiber in your meals.

Soluble fiber permits water to stay in our stool so our solid waste will be softer – passing easily through our intestines as we defecate.

Quinoa has about 17-27 grams of fiber per cup and 2.5 grams of those are soluble ones. This fiber content is even higher than most grains available.


Ideal for blood sugar control

4. Ideal for blood sugar control

Routine laboratory tests will tell how high or low your blood sugar levels are.

High blood sugar level may be a precursor to unwanted weight gain leading to even more serious conditions such as diabetes mellitus.

A way to monitor is to know your foods glycemic index. It is the measure of how fast foods elevate blood sugar levels. With a 53 glycemic index, Quinoa raises blood sugar levels slower than most starchy grains.


Iron Food

5. Iron Food

Contemporary diets tend to lack important nutrients. One of which is iron. In fact, a number of people take iron capsules to supplement deficiency.

Luckily quinoa is rich with iron.

Iron is a vital component of hemoglobin – a substance in your red blood cells that transport oxygen from the lungs to the entire body.



6. Gluten-free

More individuals are on the look-out for gluten-free diets.

The option to go gluten-free is healthy but some marketed gluten-freefoods are actually made from refined starches. Simply put, these choices are counted as junk foods.

Researchers are counting on quinoa as a natural ingredient for gluten-free diets. This decreases the risk for celiac diseases associated with gluten-rich choices.


Easy to prepare

7. Easy to prepare

We are always on the go. Our food choices must have to pace with our busy daily lives.

Quinoa can be prepared in just about 15 minutes of boiling. All you need are 2 cups of water, and a pinch of salt.




You are what you eat. This adage remains true even up to this day.

Evidenced-based nutrition articles have deemed quinoa as a healthy addition to your diet. Give it a try.