December 28, 2016 · Written by Foodtolive Team

7 Doable New Year’s Food Resolutions to Make You Much Healthier in 2017

Starting the New Year with a list of resolutions is a time-honored tradition that never goes out of style because people know how effective this approach can be. However, like with any goals, you must be very detailed and thorough when coming up with your plans and ambitions for the upcoming year. This will increase your chances of actually going through with all the self-given promises and changing your life for the better. If your goal is to eat healthier in 2017, we can offer our own list of simple New Year’s food resolutions that would boost your motivation and help you make the changes you want.


A Key to Sticking to Our New Year’s Food Resolutions

A Key to Sticking to Our New Year’s Food Resolutions

Before we delve into the subject of actual goals, you need to understand the reason why their format is so important. Being true to your resolutions is never easy, but it’s even harder when you genuinely forget about them.

So, what can you do to make sure they are always at the forefront of your thoughts?

The best way is to word the ideas in a way that would make them memorable. This means generic phrases like ‘I need to eat more healthy food’ or ‘I will eat two servings of vegetables with every meal’ won’t work. You need to find your own unique style and be sure to create a list in your smartphone or treasured journal so that you can look it over regularly.

Try to come up with something fun, straightforward, and detailed.

7 Easy-to-Make New Year’s Food Resolutions


No more junk!

No more junk!

It sounds like a motto for some public procession, which is exactly why it’s so effective. Make this resolution your motto for 2017. No more junk food in your menu is the best change you can make in your diet as the main harm we get from meals isn’t about the things that we don’t get. Nutritional supplements can often reduce any dangerous deficiencies, and almost everyone takes multivitamins these days. 

Your food enemy #1 are the nasty chemicals that come from processed foods. Cutting them out completely will be great, and going on a detox diet to cleanse your body from the chemical residue will help you become healthier faster.


I’ll discover a new healthy treat every week.

I’ll discover a new healthy treat every week

There are so many healthy desserts that can replace store-bought cookies and cakes that are full of bad fats and often other nasty things. Including this into your list of New Year’s food resolutions will ensure you expand your menu AND your horizons, as well as become a healthier person.

Use fresh and dried fruits combined with nuts to create fantastic and healthy desserts. You can enjoy cooking sweets with your kids to teach them enjoy good desserts too.


I’ll steam over to a healthy diet.

I’ll steam over to a healthy diet

Frying is the way we usually make most meals, and it’s the most damaging one. Therefore, any list of New Year’s resolutions dealing with a healthy lifestyle must include ‘eating less fried food’ in some variety.

You can go all the way and replace it with the best cooking method, namely steaming. Invest in a steam-cooker and your resolution to use it would be easier to maintain as you wouldn’t want the money to go to waste.


I’ll kickstart my day with a healthy boost.

I’ll kickstart my day with a healthy boost

Skipping breakfast is NOT allowed in a healthy diet, so you must resolve to eat it every day. You can give some special flavor to this essential mean in the terms of yearly plans by adding additional goals, such as try a new smoothie recipe every week or cook your weekend breakfast with fresh ingredients only.

To make your first daily meal truly useful, you need to make sure it’s highly nutritious so that it can keep you going until lunch. You can do this by mixing some nuts, berries, and grains.


I’ll get brainier with Omega power

I’ll get brainier with Omega power

Omega 3 fats are called ‘essential’ for a reason. They affect a great number of processes in the body and help keep inflammation at bay. However, the traditional American diet is deficient in these important elements by default as their main source is fatty fish. You also need to bear in mind that there must be a certain balance of omega 3 and omega 6 in the body. As omega 6 comes from most plant oils (meaning any fried foods), an average American must consume more omega 3 to regain the necessary ratio.

If you are a vegetarian who eats fish, you must add salmon and tuna to your weekly meal plan. If you are 100% vegan, or just don’t like fish, go for specialized food supplements as well as nuts and sesame seeds.


I’ll go 5 for 3 to eat more tasty things

I’ll go 5 for 3 to eat more tasty things

This is one of those New Year’s food resolutions that seem counterproductive, as it seemingly encouraged you to eat more. However, nutritionists agree that having 5-6 small meals a day is healthier than 3 big ones, especially if the heaviest dishes are served for dinner.

Portioning your diet this way would also allow you to keep it highly versatile, which means it would be easier to stick to healthy eating.


I will NOT resist temptations, within reason

I will NOT resist temptations, within reason

The hardest part about changing your diet for the better is the cravings. You’ll definitely want those unhealthy things you are used to eating, and removing them from your meal plan in a single resolute act will make things harder in the long run. Instead, you should try to limit your intake of them.

Let yourself have that chocolate bar or doughnut when the craving gets too much, but don’t overindulge. When you eat healthier in general, these situations will arise less frequently.


I will NOT resist temptations, within reason

Make Wise Food Choices and Have a Great New Year!

The New Year is approaching fast, and you should welcome it with a smile on your face. Thinking of all the good resolutions you make and how they would change your life will definitely put that smile there.

We wish you good health and happiness in 2017!