January 20

5 Natural Energizing Foods to Keep You Awake Throughout the Day

Most people suffer from a lack of vigor. You constantly feel like you have no power to get out of bed in the morning. At such moments, you may experience terrible sugar cravings as your body longs for a stimulant.  Instead of going for another caffeine-rich drink or chocolate bar, try eating healthy and energizing foods that will help you feel revitalized again.

Top List of Energizing Foods

Nature has provided us with a wide range of nutritious and very delicious foods to fuel our stamina. You can easily get back to a productive state just by including these products into your diet:

  1. Seeds.
    Seeds such as quinoa and chia are just packed with dietary fiber and all the essential amino acids. The carbs hidden in them are slow to digest. Therefore, people who take care of their weight can really benefit from this wonderful source of iron and magnesium. Incidentally, a lack of these minerals can lead to chronic fatigue. Moreover, these seeds are gluten-free. Thus, people with gluten intolerance can consume them without being cautious about their health.
  2. Bananas.
    This fruit is a real energy recharger. Besides containing the necessary fibers and essential vitamins that help you stay fit and alert, this energizing food is also rich in fruit sugar and carbohydrates that are different from the sugar and the carbs you normally add into your food. They don’t make your glucose levels skyrocket, but increase them gradually. This enables you to feel powered up for a longer period of time. Another positive thing is that you don’t have to cook it. This is especially convenient when you have a busy lifestyle. Just put a banana in your bag and whenever you’re low on energy, take a bite of this wonderful fruit.
  3. Avocadoes.
    They serve as a great means to overcome the feeling of tiredness. This fruit can easily satisfy your hunger and give you a sustainable power supply. Avocadoes are full of “good fats” that fire up your vigor and don’t turn into belly fat. The B-vitamins and fiber which are so abundant in this energizing food serve as a great way to boost your vitality.
  4. Dates.
    Quite often people neglect this fruit as they’re high in sugar. It’s a common mistake as the natural sugar contained in this fruit doesn’t lead to a rapid glucose explosion in your blood, in contrast to refined sugar. Moreover, it can boast of being rich in fiber that makes you ready-to-go for a long while. Furthermore, they have also been found to be effective against anemia (one of the reasons of fatigue) due to their high content of minerals.
  5. Unprocessed almonds.
    This energizing food is very nourishing, i.e. you don’t have to eat a lot to feel full and experience the energy boost that you so desperately long for. They’re loaded with monounsaturated fats that don’t increase your “bad cholesterol” levels. Moreover, the fiber and protein in almonds are good at energizing you for a longer while. The tryptophan that’s found in this super food enables your body to relax and have a good night’s sleep. To get more information about raw almonds, read this post.