January 12, 2018 · Written by Foodtolive Team

5 Easy Things to Do to Be Healthy or How to Make 2018 the Best Year Ever

The time for making New Year’s resolutions might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a list of things to do to be healthy. People tend to believe that switching to a healthy lifestyle is a monumental effort that requires a huge investment (gym, bike, high-priced foods, etc.) and doing a complete roundabout with how you live. But it’s actually much more simple. You can make a valuable change that’ll boost your health in a few easy ways.

5 Things to Do to Be Healthy in 2018

Don’t meddle with your body clock

1. Don’t meddle with your body clock

There seems to be at least one new study a month that uncovers new horrendous consequences of sleep deprivation. Shockingly, there are even more dangers to disrupting your body clock. So, of all things to do to be healthy in 2018 your number one must be to stick to a schedule.

It’s the biggest challenge, but also the most important one.

Meditate for 10 minutes every day

2. Meditate for 10 minutes every day

Health benefits of mindfulness meditation have been proven beyond all reasonable doubt by numerous studies. This practice helps you to not only relieve some stress and get a clearer head for dealing with everyday troubles. It also helps preserve gray brain matter and slow down aging. In addition, it’ll make you feel happier.

If you’re too pressed for time to learn meditation, simply free up as little as 10 minutes from your day. Sit down, breathe, and think of nothing. Acknowledge any thoughts you have, but focus on breathing and nothing else.

Eat a handful of nuts every day

3. Eat a handful of nuts every day

Nuts boost your brain power. It’s a proven fact, recently solidified by a major study published in the FASEB Journal. What people seem to ignore is that along with cognitive abilities, eating nuts regularly also boosts brain health.

The true health value of nuts is so huge, that many health and nutrition organizations advise eating them daily. Note that regularity is what matters most here. You have to get a steady supply of nutrients to enjoy their full range of benefits.

Liven up your diet

4. Liven up your diet

Switching to a healthy diet is, probably, the most important of the things to do to be healthy. However, it’s also the hardest one. That’s where you can apply one of the principles suggested by the Huffington Post for being happier. ‘Mix up your routine’, or in this case, your diet.

Don’t try to drop all the things you are used to, even if they are unhealthy. Instead, become more creative in the kitchen and try out a new (healthy) recipe every week. In the meantime, eat out in new places instead of your favorite fast-food joint.

By adding the element of ‘newness’ and exploration, your switch to a healthy diet will become an adventure instead of a chore.

Learn about nutrition

5. Learn about nutrition

Not all things to do to be healthy have to be you changing something in your lifestyle. Taking an online course to learn about nutrition and health will be a great choice. This will help you develop and grow personally, as learning new things is great for the brain. You’ll also find out the truth about foods and diets and their actual effects on the body.

Finally, the course material might be shocking enough to become the best motivator for a diet change.