January 10, 2018 · Written by Foodtolive Team

5 Easy and Healthy Food Changes to Make in the New Year

Making a resolution to become a healthier person in 2018 is fantastic, and following through on it is easier than you think. You only need to make a few simple and healthy food changes to completely transform your diet. This will help you to not only improve your general wellbeing but also manage weight. All food swaps presented here can work for those who decided to go vegan in the New Year.

Healthy Food Changes You Can Make Right Now

Cereals to Homemade Whole Grain Breakfasts

1. Cereals to Homemade Whole Grain Breakfasts

Enjoy some healthy cereal for breakfast instead of sugar-laden granolas and flakes from the store. This will allow you to both cut down on sugar and carbs as well as give you a boost of fiber and essential nutrients.

You can easily make delicious healthy grain bowls by combining rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, and various seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, etc.)

Milk Sugar to Almond Milk Stevia
2. Milk & Sugar to Almond Milk & Stevia

Dropping milk and sugar in their coffee is one of the most important healthy food changes an average American can make. However, if you don’t enjoy a plain black cup of joe, switch to the healthiest available alternatives. Almond milk, or any kind of nut milk, is delicious, vegan, low-fat, and highly nutritious.

Stevia is widely recognized as a safe and natural sugar substitute. It has no effect on blood glucose level, doesn’t cause allergies, and doesn’t affect blood pressure, as stated in a Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics comparative study of sugar substitutes.

Processed Nut Butter to Plain or Homemade Types

3. Processed Nut Butter to Plain or Homemade Types

America’s love for peanut butter is legendary and we have dozens of brands offering any kind imaginable. Unfortunately, the majority of them are highly processed and contain various unhealthy additives and taste enhancers.

One of the simplest healthy food changes to make next year is to drop these brands completely. Nut butter is an excellent and healthy food, so you can enjoy it still. However, choose minimally-processed and unsalted types available in the stores or make your own

Regular Burgers to Veggie Burgers

4. Regular Burgers to Veggie Burgers

See this post to get some idea of how yummy vegan burgers can be and note that particular of the many healthy food changes available is perfect for new vegans. Veggie burgers are low in fat, high in nutrients, and much better for your waistline. They also taste amazing and will allow you to discover a bunch of new flavors.

Do remember that you shouldn’t add ketchup to those if you want to keep them as healthy as possible. Unless you make that ketchup yourself, using natural ingredients.

Cow’s Milk to Coconut, Hemp, and Nut Milk

5. Cow’s Milk to Coconut, Hemp, and Nut Milk

Another of the healthy food changes for aspiring vegans that will benefit your waistline and overall health is dropping cow’s milk. Even low-fat varieties of dairy products aren’t good for you.

Nut and especially hemp seed milk are the best substitutes. Coconut milk is also a good option and it’s easily available in stores. All these varieties are lower in fats and higher in nutrients. Soy milk can be an option too, as long as you aren’t allergic.

Healthy Food Changes for 2018: Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t have to give up on your favorites to fulfill your New Year’s food resolutions. Simply replace them with healthier alternatives and changing your diet as a whole will get easier with time.