September 06, 2017 · Written by Foodtolive Team

4 Negative Eating Habits That Can Ruin Your Body

Few people realize how much negative eating habits actually affect their health. A few extra pounds aren’t the biggest problem that you can get from a poor diet. In fact, you might not be obese and still be at risk of developing some very dangerous disorders. Some of the possible problems resulting from unbalanced and irregular meals include weakened immunity, digestive disorders, and depression.

Negative Eating Habits and How They Affect your Body

Skipping breakfast

1. Skipping breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a taboo no matter what diet you are on. Not getting a healthy meal in the morning means you won’t have the energy to last until lunch. This will push your body to exhaust your natural reserves and will put every system under a lot of stress. Add to that the fact that your blood sugar level will go down, which creates a risk of fainting and accidents. Low blood sugar also means reduced cognitive ability.

If you are extremely busy and can’t cook in the morning, check out our quick healthy breakfast ideas. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a smoothie, but the difference for your body would be huge.
Eating junk food

2. Eating junk food

First of all, understand that junk food is any product that contains lots of ‘empty calories’. It means that it mostly consists of carbs, sugar, and fat, instead of essential nutrients. Eating junk food is one of the most common negative eating habits in the world. In US alone people spend $620 billion a year on junk food in supermarkets and convenience stores, and $160 billion for fast food.

Consuming excessive amounts of empty calories is one the main reason for the current obesity epidemic. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and a variety of other problems.

Unfortunately, eating junk food is one of the hardest negative eating habits to break. You can start by replacing it with these healthy snacks.
Eating from the pack

3. Eating from the pack

Eating directly from the pack means you have less control over the amount of food you consume. After all, 3-5 handfuls of nuts don’t seem like too much when you have a 3-pound bag in hand. However, it’s way more than the healthy amount of nuts per day.

Don’t forget that even healthy foods can be bad for you if you eat too much. Always control your portions by putting ‘doses’ of snacks in small containers.
Distracted eating

4. Distracted eating

Distracted eating means chomping down something while you are working, watching movies, etc. If you do this, your mind concentrates on the more important task, so you don’t control how much food you consume.

Of all negative eating habits, this has the easiest solution. You just need to remove all food from the place where you work. This will also improve your productivity as your brain won’t get distracted.

Breaking Negative Eating Habits with the Power of Will

Breaking Negative Eating Habits with the Power of Will

Unless you are suffering from a severe eating disorder, a bit of will power and a good diet plan is all you need to break those bad habits. Some of them will take a bit longer, but you should only remind yourself how much your health will improve if you succeed. Check out our healthy eating tips to get you started on the right track.